4 Reasons Authors Should Produce Audiobooks

audiobooks, authors, self-publishing, indie authors, audioRecently, an author commented in a writer’s forum that he was just starting to create audiobooks and felt like he was coming late to the party.

I could understand why he’d feel that way. After all, news sites and other authors often discuss the explosive growth in the audiobook market, noting that this industry has doubled in size for two consecutive years.

In 2003, when I narrated my first commercial book, most audiobook productions occurred in pricey New York or Los Angeles studios. The finished products were packaged, shipped and sold on cassette or CD. Due to high production, warehousing and distribution costs, audiobooks were almost exclusively the domain of the biggest print publishers and reserved only for the bestselling authors and highest-profile titles. As a result, only about five percent of all books published were made into audiobooks.

In recent years, however, four technological and cultural shifts have radically changed the industry.

Much more.

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HarperCollins Chooses BookShout to Provide Ebook Fulfillment (DBW)
BookShout announced today that HarperCollins has selected its platform to provide ebook fulfillment for direct-to-consumer sales via HarperCollins US, HarperCollins UK and other websites. Bookshout’s app and web reader will replace the current HC reader that is available on iOS and Android devices, and will provide a more intuitive user interface, in-app book discovery, and the ability for integrated marketing and promotional opportunities.

Four Players in the Book Business with Power to Rewrite Some Rules (Mike Shatzkin)
The news came last week that ReaderLink has purchased Anderson News. Those two companies have been the leading suppliers of books to the mass merchandisers: primarily Wal-mart, Target, and Sam’s Club. There are other players selling books in the space, including Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and smaller distributors like the less-well-known American West. But most of the books going to most of the mass merchant accounts have gotten there through what will now be one company supplying them: ReaderLink.

Comparing Reedsy & Pressbook’s Online Book Creation Tools (BookWorks)
When Reedsy released their online book creation tool earlier this year I was naturally eager to geek out and give it a try. I’ve been creating books with the Pressbooks online book creation and publishing tool for years, which is based on WordPress and offers a lot of features. How does Reedsy compare, I wondered?

Copyright Clearance Center Acquires Ixxus (DBW)
Clearance Center announced yesterday that it has acquired Ixxus, a global leader in Enterprise Content Management solutions—a market expected to grow from $5.5 billion in 2014 to $9.4+ billion in 2018. Together, the companies aim to diversify the value they provide to customers and explore more in-depth content and rights management solutions.

What the Heck Is Amazon up to Now? (Scholarly Kitchen)
The fact is, we don’t know what the heck Amazon is now, even assuming we ever did. When it first appeared on the scene, it seemed clear that it was a new kind of bookstore. Think of Barnes & Noble, add the Internet, and you have Amazon, right? Well, not so fast. Even at the outset Amazon seemed to be playing a different game.

Digital Content and Discoverability: A Teacher’s Dilemma (Overdrive)
The push to include digital content in the classroom is a common topic of discussion. What’s changed in recent years, however, is a shift from asking, “Why?” to asking, “How?” As more and more classrooms are outfitted with laptops, tablets, or other devices, many teachers are incorporating curricular content that matches the technology.

The Business of Books: Social Selling (BookMachine)
Might online bookstores one day become equally passé? The social web is where we share ideas and consume content, and increasingly it’s where we purchase, too.

Without XML You’re Leaving Money on the Table (Book Business)
Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) and the Center for Informational Development (CIDM) asked publishers how they are developing and publishing their content in our 4th annual survey, “Following the Trends.” With close to 350 participants ranging from writers to content strategists, information architects, and publishers, the breadth of knowledge and insight was prodigious.

Ingenta Partners with TrendMD and ReadCube (DBW)
Ingenta announced yesterday that it has partnered with the scholarly discovery services TrendMD and ReadCube to enhance discoverability of articles hosted on its aggregated content portal, Ingenta Connect.

How Libraries Are Curating Current Events (MediaShift)
When the Pew Research Center tracks where Americans get their news, we hear about Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, television, newspapers and radio. Libraries don’t make the list. You might not expect them to. But there’s another side to this story. Pew studies also report that Americans do head to libraries, online and in person, to read news and research topics of interest. People do value the services of reference librarians. And they do trust libraries to help them decide what information is trustworthy.

Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt: A Few Words with Hassan Yaghi (Pub Perspectives)
“With piracy, we cannot pay for either rights or good translations,” says publisher Hassan Yaghi. His Dar al-Tanweer has offices in three nations and sees the Arabic publishing world’s challenges well.

Organic Growth for Kalimat (Bookseller)
This is an exciting time for Sharjah-based publisher Kalimat. In April at Bologna Children’s Book Fair it was named the best publisher of the year in Asia and shortly afterwards at London Book Fair it announced a joint venture with UK publishing house Quarto.

8 Ideas for Getting More BookBub Followers (BookBub)
Getting more BookBub followers can help widen an author’s reach and ultimately increase book sales — for free. The more followers an author has, the more people will receive dedicated emails from BookBub notifying them about the author’s new releases and price promotions.


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