3 Facebook Changes Authors Need to Know About

authors, facebook, marketing, books, salesThe competition to be king of the social media hill is hotter than ever, and Facebook cannot coast just because it’s on top. Snapchat and Twitter are making changes regularly to try to woo users to their platforms. In order to stay on top, therefore, Facebook needs to constantly innovate.

You can always expect there will be a few tweaks here and there—a new platform within the behemoth (like Facebook Live) or a change in the algorithm to keep fans and advertisers happy.

Here are the three major changes we’ve seen lately and how they might or might not affect your book marketing.

Much more.

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Is Video for Digital Publishers Worth the Hype? (DBW)
If one were to define “digital publishing” loosely, it would be an amalgam of interactive, engaging content—delivered straight to the end user through online platforms. What sets it apart from traditional publishing is its format, which is designed for ease of consumption and extending unparalleled accessibility. Digital publishing has provided a global platform for companies to showcase rich content, including books, magazines, newspapers, learning material and even promotional offerings.

What Do the Financial Reports from the Big 5 Book Publishers Tell Us? (Thad McIlroy)
This post examines the latest quarterly financial reports from the big five book publishers and tries to draw some conclusions from the data. The big five are, of course, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster. These companies are often seen as emblematic of the state of traditional trade book publishing in the United States.

Sourcebooks Expands ‘Put Me in the Story’ to Simple Truths Imprint (DBW)
Sourcebooks announced that it is expanding its personalized book platform, Put Me in the Story, beyond children’s books with the addition of Simple Truths. Simple Truths, an imprint that focuses on business, leadership, teamwork and motivational books, will now offer businesses and organizations the ability to add their logos, brands and messages to select titles.

Spotify, Big Data and the Next Generation of Big Publishing Solutions (Vearsa)
Data. Increasingly, it’s what makes the world go round. From wearable tech devices like Fitbit to the world of fashion, it seems like every industry out there is figuring out ways to make products that collect all sorts of data about their users. One of my favorite examples of this in the world of media is Spotify’s Discover Weekly function. It takes data about what I’ve been listening to, as well as what other users on the platform are listening to that’s similar, and aggregates it all to create a playlist for me each Monday.

How to Brief a Book Designer (BookMachine)
Anxious about briefing a designer? Don’t be! Any designer worth their salt will want to help you project the right image, communicate successfully with your readers and get your message across clearly, so will help you write the brief. There are a lot of things you can do to make life easier for both of you and ensure you get the result you want. Here are a few ideas.

International Editors Observe Trends in the German Book Market (Pub Perspectives)
Contrasts and comparisons: a group of English-language children’s book editors share their observations of the Germany market following their summer German Book Office tour.

Typefi and Extensis Partner to Streamline Font Management in Workflows (DBW)
Typefi and Extensis announced that the two companies will partner to integrate Extensis’s font management solutions with Typefi’s publishing platform.

The iPad Is Dead. Long Live the iPad (Futurebook)
Like printed pocketbooks, smartphone reading is essentially a narrative subdivided into easily referenceable, bitesize chunks. Poetry and psalms replaced by Twitter and Facebook. The difference being that now the content is dynamic. Equally as accessible. Constantly updating. Addictive.

2 Keys to Unlock Your Momentum (Jane Friedman)
The world is brimming with advice about how to write more and write better. Chances are good that you’ve explored some—or maybe even many—of these recommendations. Chances are also good that you’re not getting the kind of mileage you’d expect from adapting these approaches.

The Philippines’ Andrea Pasion-Flores (Pub Perspectives)
In her appraisal of The Philippines’ book industry challenges, Manila-based literary agent Andrea Pasion-Flores talks of the disparities of retail access to books in various parts of the country.


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