11 Ways Authors Can Overcome Marketing Dread

marketing, authors, books, sales, social mediaI was with a group of authors the other day when the conversation took a turn toward marketing. The group was unanimous in the declaration that they loved to write but loathed to market their work. Whether they were self-published or worked with a more traditional publishing house, whether they sold most of their titles in digital or print format, they all said the same thing: they were aware that they should participate in marketing their own books but dreaded the chore.

One of the authors said she puts off marketing tasks. Another said that marketing made him feel uncomfortable. Another proudly proclaimed herself to be an introvert, as if that made her biologically exempt from marketing.

We all laughed and nodded in sympathy, and moved on to another, more pleasant topic. But a day or so later, as I reflected on this conversation, I realized that these writers are suffering from a condition I can’t help but call “marketing dread.”

In an attempt to help authors everywhere, I decided to offer these 11 ways to avoid this annoying condition.

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Company Snapshots: instaFreebie (DBW)
InstaFreebie is the book world’s leading digital audience development platform for authors and publishers to deliver free content to highly engaged readers, increasing pre-orders, sales, customer retention, and personalized customer relationships. With an organic community of readers that grows daily in numbers and influence, instaFreebie provides unparalleled marketing reach and impact. This community is dedicated to reading and discussing literary content, making instaFreebie a platform that generates both print and digital revenue for publishers.

Amazon Just Quietly Showed How Ambitious It Is with Media (CNBC)
Amazon is now consistently profitable — and that means a lot more money is going toward the video-streaming battle with Netflix. Amazon will double its video content spend in the second half of this year, and triple its spending on original content, the company said this week.

Origins of the Interactive Book (BookMachine)
Digital formats provide a wealth of opportunity to experiment with, and push the boundaries of, the traditional book. With much focus on what this can do to engage children in reading, here Jana Sukenikova takes a look at the origins of the interactive children’s book and why she used monsters as the topic of her most recent design project.

The Importance of Owning Your Own ISBN When Self-Publishing (IngramSpark)
A few years back, when Bowker released its annual self-publishing report and shared that as of August 6, 2014, there were 458,564 self-published titles in the United States, it had to remind its readers that this number represented only the number of ISBNs registered in its Books In Print database, not the total number of self-published titles.

Using Fiverr for Affordable Book Covers (BookWorks)
Ever wondered about Fiverr? A few weeks ago I needed a strong, professionally-designed cover for a forthcoming book, and like many indie authors I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on it. How could I get a good cover from a graphic designer on a crimped budget? I decided to try what many self-publishers before me have done, I went to Fiverr.

Chasing the Clouds of Rights Issues (Pub Perspectives)
In a world in which “nobody has time anymore,” Ixxus’ team has created a rights-smart tool for handling content to help busy publishers manage complex assets.

As Expected, Pearson Falls (Pub Lunch)
Joining the big wave of earnings reports was Pearson on Friday, with results for the first half of the year. Sales fell £131 million to £1.866 billion, down 7 percent overall (and down 11 percent on a currency neutral basis) — “primarily due to the expected declines in assessment revenues in the US and UK” — and income fell away, with operating profit from continuing operations of £15 million and a loss 1.3 pence per share.

‘I Listen Intently’: Translators on Translation (Pub Perspectives)
“Read the first chapter or so then to get down to it.” The Guardian reports on some interesting observations from those who carry literature from one language to another.


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