What ‘Mobile’ Really Means for Publishers

mobile social media marketing digital publishers ebooksMany publishers and booksellers today worry that ebooks face steeper odds competing with the wealth of other media now available on mobile devices.

But a more seldom heard fear is the one that publishers themselves may not be able to adapt fast enough to meet that competition head-on. After all, it isn’t just consumers’ approaches to mobile that publishers have to consider—it’s also their own.

As the author of a new report on the subject, Thad McIlroy points out many publishers think of mobile primarily as a matter of social media marketing. But it’s “also a content play,” he observes, “a mode of configuring your ebooks” for a slew of different devices.

“Most publishers already intuitively grasp this dizzying array of hardware- and platform-based variables when it comes to delivering mobile content, but few have sorted out the most effective means of doing so at every level of their organizations.”


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Cisco Forecasts Enormous Mobile Growth: Infographic (Teleread)
The telecommunications company projects a tenfold increase in data traffic over mobile networks over the next five years as mobile technology and infrastructure develop around the globe and network speeds accelerate.

New Twitter Users Hard to Come by (Engadget)
Twitter now boasts about 288 million users worldwide, but the rate at which it’s growing that base has slowed considerably since last year. But as one observer sees it, “The real question is how much new user growth really matters right now. It’s clear that Twitter has gotten really good at making money.”
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Apple Might Launch Music and TV Streaming (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
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Grove Atlantic Head Launches Literature Site (WSJ)
President and Publisher Morgan Entrekin announces a website called Literary Hub, arriving in April, that will combine original and web content from publishers, retailers and magazines focusing on literary fiction and nonfiction.

French Publishers Go After Kindle Unlimited (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
The country that enacted an “anti-Amazon” law last year hasn’t warmed up to the e-tailer’s approach to bookselling. After less than two months since launching in France, Kindle Unlimited becomes the target of a campaign by a group of French publishers pressing the government to take action against the subscription service, on the basis that it violates a provision giving publishers the prerogative to set ebook prices.

Robots: The Future of Writing? (Pub Perspectives)
Robotic authoring software can now produce passable news stories, prompting some to wonder whether (and when) similar technologies will be capable of carrying out more sophisticated undertakings, like customizing book-length text–or writing them altogether.

Waterstones Struggling but Optimistic (The Bookseller)
The UK bookseller sees its sales continue to drop, but managing director James Daunt says he anticipates the company will soon be in the black. Waterstones recently weighed buying Tesco’s embattled Blinkbox Books, but Kobo scooped it up when those negotiations fell through.

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Librarians and institutions don’t all agree on what roles data should play in the research and title discovery when it comes to academic content, but its applications are widening all the same. One expert explores how they might be better embraced.
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