Three Steps to Direct-to-Consumer Publishing

direct-to-consumer retail ebook publishingMany publishers tend to think of direct-to-consumer publishing as being about either e-commerce or marketing.

In fact, it’s about both ingredients–plus one more. Earlier this week Biztegra co-founder Murray Izenwasser argued that establishing a direct-to-consumer strategy is achievable for every publisher regardless of its size and that doing so is more important than ever. Now he explains how.

Going direct requires a website that’s well optimized on three fronts–driving discovery, processing book orders and amplifying user engagement.

For each of those components to work in tandem, Izenwasser says, publishers need to keep in mind the main objective of direct-to-consumer publishing: giving readers a compelling “reason to become your fan and a part of your community.”

Much more.

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Hachette Reinstates Agency Ebook Pricing (Pub Lunch)
Hachette Book Group began taking advantage of its restored right to set its own ebook prices as of the first of this month. Slowly but surely, some Hachette titles are now turning up labelled, “This price was set by the publisher.” Simon & Schuster and Macmillan began implementing the new agency model about three weeks ago.

Apple to Launch a Search Engine? (Cult of Mac)
If a recent job listing is any hint, Apple could be getting into the web search business currently dominated by Google. For investors wondering how Apple can continue to grow, this could turn out to be the company’s answer, but for now it’s just speculation.

Are Phablets the New Tablets? (Good E Reader)
One recent report suggests phablet sales are eating into the tablet market, which by some indications is slowing down considerably. The large-screen iPhone 6 Plus helped Apple realize its impressive results last quarter. Here’s a look at what might be behind the latest figures.

Key Statistics on the Mobile Boom (Pub Perspectives)
As industry analyst Thad McIlroy sees it, the latest data suggest that, yes, phablets are indeed contributing to the tablet market’s slowdown. But that apparent trend is just one piece of the broader puzzle. Here are a few others that publishers need to watch.
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Latest Android OS Slow to Catch on (Teleread)
New figures for the latest version of Android, dubbed Lollipop, show uptake among users at only 1.6%, leading one observer to voice concern that it will become “the same kind of stumbling block for Google that Windows 8 was for Microsoft.”

Amazon Pushes Kindles in Germany (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
In a limited offer launched this week in Germany, Amazon bundles five free ebooks with its Kindle Paperwhite for 99 euros. The ebook market remains small in Europe despite a flurry of efforts over the past year to spur growth, by Amazon and its competitors alike.

Fifty Shades Stages Best-Seller List Comeback (DBW)
Bet you can guess why, too. Much the way two different ebook editions of American Sniper grabbed spots on the Ebook Best-Seller List last week as the film adaptation runs in theaters, two-thirds of the smash E L James trilogy makes a renewed appearance in the top 25. The highly anticipated movie based starring Jamie Dornan hits theaters on Valentine’s Day.

Genre Writers Group Welcomes Indie Authors (Good E Reader)
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America opens its doors to self-published authors who meet the organization’s criteria for membership. Good E Reader sees the move as a possible response to the “crisis” in the sci-fi category as sales of those titles by traditional publishers drop. But it may also reflect the preference for indie publishing seen among many authors of genre fiction in the industry.
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