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SEO publishers websites direct-to-consumerIt’s an offer for those of you who are publishers or work for one.

One of the things I want to do in this column is highlight real-world examples of the direct-to-consumer publishing initiatives whose components I write about each week. If you’ve been reading along, you know one of them is optimization, and that that’s the place most publishers need to start in order to build out their bands and businesses on the web—search engines, social integration and mobile optimization.

Whenever we begin working with a new client here at Biztegra, we perform a quick analysis to determine how well their online presence is optimized, which results in a letter grade (A–F) for how well they are doing overall in about a dozen areas. And then we take another look at a later point down the road to see how well we are doing after they’ve had a chance to implement some changes. (We then produce a much more detailed report for our clients, but this gives us and them a quick overview of how they stand). It’s all information that is publicly available, so we don’t need any access to the site or analytics accounts.

So here’s the offer I’d like to make you: I will have our team do one such analysis for your publishing site. For free. And we will share it with you.

But here’s the catch: we get to use the information as examples in future blog posts and in an upcoming webcast I am planning to host at here at Digital Book World in May.

Don’t worry, I’m not looking to bash anyone’s site–but I do think the experience and the conversations it may generate will help illustrate many of the dos and don’ts of the optimization processes at the heart of a direct publishing strategy. And you’ll get a list of a dozen or so concrete areas where you can improve your web presence.

It doesn’t matter how big, small, or well optimized you think are. As long as you publish books, you’re eligible. If you’re interested in participating, send me an email at or leave a comment below with a way to be contacted.

(And if the results come back and there are some that you really, really don’t want us to reveal, we won’t.)

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