The Kids Are Alright without Enhanced E-Reading

enhanced ebooks multimedia digital natives millennials e-reading metabookFor all the time millennials are spending on digital platforms, they aren’t dropping everything in order to read on them.

The numbers tell a pretty clear story. While e-reading is popular and growing among younger readers, two recent studies both find they’re still about twice as likely to read a print book as an ebook.

Less clear is how come, and what, if anything, publishers can do to get more digital natives to live up to that title.

Voicing the familiar worry that “we’re losing an entire generation of readers” to the enticements of other media, one digital publishing start-up boldly offers to redefine the e-reading experience as “an all-out assault on the senses.”

But that might be very hard to do.

Much more.

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Apple’s Tablet Sales Sink 15% (DBW)
According to new data from ABI Research, Apple’s tablet shipments declined 15% over the course of 2014, while sales of Samsung’s tablets grew 7%. The tablet market overall continues to slow, with analysts judging that “tablets are losing their initial appeal and remaining a nice-to-have item.”

Kindle Owners Lose Cloud Storage (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Amazon unveiled a new cloud storage program last week, offering users unlimited storage for $59.99 a year. But Kindle users have reportedly lost access to the free 5GB of storage Amazon previously made available to them, leading some to question whether the unannounced change is intentional or was made in error.

Share of Spending on Ebooks Rises (PW)
15% of consumers’ new book purchases in 2014 went to ebooks, a share that’s grown 3% since 2013, according to recent Nielsen data. 35% of new book sales in all formats were transacted through e-tailers like Amazon, dropping from 38% last year.

Almost Half of UK Fiction Sales Are Digital (Pub Perspectives)
According to new Nielsen research, ebooks are just shy sharing half the UK fiction market with print. Ebooks appear to be growing faster in the children’s and nonfiction categories. More on the latest data.

Why All E-Tailers Turn Retailers (Bezinga—Podcast)
One retail expert explains the market forces that, in his view, ultimately encourage e-commerce businesses like Amazon to move into the physical space in the long-run.

Google+ Fizzling out (Social Times)
Hardly the social media platform of anyone’s preference—book marketers’ or readers’—Google appears to be parceling out previously unified components of its Google+ platform in what one industry watcher sees as an ongoing effort to put it down for good.
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Kickstarter Adds Marketing Tools (PW)
The crowdfunding platform introduces a section called Spotlight, allowing creators of successfully funded projects to promote their work publicly.

Amazon’s Ebook Market Share Troubles Publishers (Good E Reader)
(But what else is new?) The president of the UK Booksellers Association estimates Amazon controls 95% of the country’s ebook market, which he considers to have “damaging” consequences for the industry.


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