The Industry’s Latest Thinking on Disruption and Innovation

With the digital transition slowing down, many publishers may find themselves with more breathing room than they did just a few years ago, when ebooks were growing at a rapid clip. That’s leading some to make important adjustments to core processes, while others are seeking growth opportunities through acquisitions.

DBW In Brief Digital Book World digital disruption innovationBut for all those who welcome the stability of today’s hybrid market, there are some who still warn against getting too comfortable. And since pushing forward on innovative products, distribution models and publishing strategies—not to mention buckling down for broad-based disruption—is arguably harder to do well than fine-tuning a familiar system, we thought we’d turn a spotlight on some of those challenges and contingencies.

To be sure, there’s valid and wide-ranging disagreement over whether publishers even need to seriously rethink what they do. But there’s a diversity of viewpoints on the other end of the question as well, which July’s issue in our “DBW In Brief” series is devoted to exploring.

From those who believe publishers are ill prepared for the mounting competition posed by the software industry to publishing veterans who expect more dramatic changes from Amazon, this month’s brief offers a range of provocative considerations for what might come next, where it might come from and which players might be most impacted.

More than just a compendium of the latest alarmism, Digital Disruption and Innovation…In Brief takes a look at what publishers are doing right and considers ways they might further take their fates into their own hands and push the boundaries of digital publishing. Download your free copy right here starting today, and check out the previous issue in our permanent, publicly available archive here on the site.

Z98401Just in case you missed it, the Digital Book World membership program recently expanded to include two new features intended to make the resources available to members more robust and convenient to access. Learn more right here.


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