The Classroom of the Future, 2015

The Classroom of the Future, 2015[Press Release]

The Classroom of the Future, 2015
Focus on hybrid schoolbooks/Nine pupils’ “explorative tours” to five subject areas/Motto: “Fantastic islands of learning”

Frankfurt, 6 October 2015 – This year’s Classroom of the Future at the Frankfurt Book Fair (14-18 October 2015) will be innovative and digital – and even more varied than in previous years. This time, the main spotlight will be on the “Schoolbook of the Future”. The programme will include nine explorative tours for school pupils in five different subject areas, with a special focus on Indonesia. Reflecting the slogan of the Guest of Honour, the motto of the Classroom will be “Fantastic islands of learning”.

Studies have shown that 70 percent of schoolchildren prefer working with printed books. Nevertheless, the advantages of digital teaching materials should not be underestimated. For this reason, together with Hewlett-Packard, the Classroom of the Future will present a hybrid solution: pupils will be given a printed booklet (to keep) with invisible watermarks; using a smartphone, they will then develop digital updates to the content.

This opens up entirely new possibilities for both teachers and publishers, as developing, updating and customising teaching materials become child’s play. The pupils can also actively contribute to their own materials, incorporating topics and interests of their own choosing into the digital part of the medium. Thus, the Frankfurt Book Fair shows innovative ways to publishers within the education segment how to combine print and digital into successful hybrid teaching products.

The digital booklet is just one of the innovations presented in the Classroom. Its location itself (Hall 4.2 A86) can be reimagined and used in a flexible way. Vitra Education as a Classroom partner is presenting innovative, flexible classroom designs and how those can directly influence the learning atmosphere and students’ motivation.

The Classroom of the Future owes its innovative character to its partners:

Indonesia, this year’s Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, is putting its mark on all topics and “pupil exploration tours”; for the spectacular “Foodexplorer” tour, for instance, a gorgeous Indonesian cookery book has been specially designed for students, and indeed anyone with a culinary interest.

Once again, the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) is in overall charge of the “pupil exploration tours”. ELIG has also developed the Classroom’s teaching concept, based on the EU-supported initiative For the first time there will also be an English-language handout as guidance for international publishers and visitors.

Students in the Classroom will have the choice of nine different “explorative tours” around five topical areas; activities will be cross-disciplinary: scientific-mathematical, musical-creative, as well as media competency and dealing with language.

Many well-known partners have collaborated in producing the content, thereby ensuring the quality of the tours; this year’s contributors include the ARD Hörspielbox, Lego Education, RTL Hessen and the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology in Bremen. All tours can be done in either German or English.

The Classroom of the Future 2015 reconciles print with digital. It opens up completely new spatial concepts and shows how effective learning could become in the future. With this Classroom concept, the Frankfurt Book Fair is aiming to achieve this objective: presenting education in an innovative, digital and international manner. It provides a platform which raises the visibility of international innovations and developments in the education field, and highlights new paths to follow for publishers and teachers.

On Wednesday 14 October, from 10.30 to 11.30 am, the partners involved in the Classroom of the Future will be available to speak to the press as part of an exclusive guided tour. You can find the Classroom of the Future in Hall 4.2 A86.

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