Survey: What’s Next for Children’s Content?

Publishers Launch Kids children's ebooks publishersThe children’s book market is a subject of considerable debate among authors and publishers. Are young readers fundamentally different from their elders? If so, in what ways?

Research over the past year or two has painted sometimes conflicting pictures of the children’s market, with some saying millennials are more than happy sticking with print, and others arguing that e-reading continues to rise as digital natives simply find different uses for different formats.

And that’s to say nothing of the challenges marketers face in reaching young readers amid a deluge of apps, games, videos and the shifting terrain of social media.

So we’d like you to weigh in.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the children’s space today? Where should authors and publishers focus their attention and invest their resources, and why? Take the Launch Kids 2016 Public Survey and let us know.

We’ll explore those findings right here on Digital Book World and share them with our conference team as they develop the program for the Launch Kids Conference at Digital Book World 2016 next March.

Click here to participate in the Launch Kids 2016 Public Survey.


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