Subscription Ebook Race Gets More Global

subscription ebooks Kindle Unlimited Bookmate Amazon ebooksThe Russia-based subscription ebook service Bookmate adds 200,000 new English-language titles to its library in a series of six deals with distributors.

Bookmate is not thought to be as big a player as Oyster, Scribd or Kindle Unlimited among English readers, but the move positions it to better compete with them as the subscription landscape evolves internationally.

Bookmate expanded into Singapore in September last year, in a first push into Asian ebook markets. Kindle Unlimited already operates in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, in addition to the U.S. And at Digital Book World 2015 last week, Oyster confirmed the company will be launching overseas in the coming year.


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Ebook and Print Sales Cycles Diverge (Publishing Technology)
Looking at recent book sales data presented by Nielsen Book’s Jonathan Nowell at Digital Book World 2015 this year, one industry insider suggests that ebook sales cycles differ from those of the print world and explains what she see as the “important implications for how commentators view the book market.”

Few Signs of Agency’s Return on Ebook Best-Seller List (DBW)
It appeared at least two of the Big Five publishers that recently regained the right from Amazon to set prices on their own ebook began doing so last week. So far, though, their respective footprints on the best-seller list haven’t changed dramatically.

Amazon Adds to Kindle Unlimited Payout Pool (Pub Lunch)
At Digital Book World 2015 last week, Kindle SVP Russ Grandinetti assured publishers the company is committed to getting its subscription ebook program right when it comes to compensating authors. In November Amazon increased the size of the pool from which authors are paid per read through the program in November, and it does so again in December.

Barnes & Noble’s Retail Head Retires (PW)
Mitchell Klipper, CEO of Barnes & Noble’s retail division, will retire this May after 28 years with the bookseller. Barnes & Noble is aiming to spin off Nook Media by August.

Free Webcast: HTML and CSS for Publishers (DBW)
Basic fluency with some of the most fundamental technologies, like HTML and CSS, is becoming an increasingly useful qualification even for publishing professionals working out the tech side of the business. Join Aerbook’s Chief Technology Officer Nick Ruffilo for a free webcast next week covering the basics and demonstrating where they’re applicable.

Teachers Worry Kids Are Reading Less (The Bookseller)
A majority of teachers in a recent UK study are concerned children read less than previous generations. While it’s difficult to determine whether that’s actually true, new research does suggest that kids are reading differently than they used to, with many taking greater control over how and what they read.
Related: New Report Finds 93% Kids Who Read Ebooks Do So Weekly Enters Video Streaming (Hollywood Reporter)
Announcing plans to launch an on-demand video service later this year, the e-tailer says it aims to give Amazon some more competition in the space.

Apple Developing an iPad Stylus? (Good E Reader)
Recent patent filings are stirring rumors that the next generation of the iPad may come equipped with a stylus, with possible implications for how users engage with digital content on one of the most popular tablets in the market.


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