Steering Discovery with Readers in the Driver’s Seat

ebook publishers book discovery readers GoodreadsBy some accounts, the book discovery landscape is much more fragmented and reader-driven than it’s ever been. And by certain measures, it’s also more difficult for authors and publishers.

“Millions of books are now published every year,” Goodreads co-founder and CEO Otis Chandler acknowledges. “Mass media, already the preserve of the rarified best-selling book and author, is scaling back its book coverage. Doom and gloom reports are coming from all sides.”

But in Chandler’s view, the considerable and growing power of readers to curate content and make influential recommendations also represents a new opportunity for publishers.

Here’s a look at how publishers can work alongside what Goodreads thinks of as “mini influencers” in order to target and amplify their marketing efforts.


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Giving Ebook Developers a Bigger Voice
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