Simon & Schuster Sweetens the Deal for Authors

Simon & Schuster North Star Way SimonSays authors self-publishingIt’s no secret many authors aren’t convinced traditional publishers offer them contract terms worth signing for. Over the past two years, Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest have tracked some of that dissatisfaction in our annual Author Surveys.

Enter Simon & Schuster’s North Star Way imprint, which the publisher bills as a more “client-centric approach” than the existing model has previously offered.

The new imprint promises authors “an expanded suite of profile-building, ancillary services that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional publishing.”

Building on the SimonSays program of author-led online video courses it rolled out earlier this month, Simon & Schuster also tackles another issue with its new imprint: the worry that books are struggling to compete with a rising tide of multimedia as more readers go mobile.

North Star Way will publish video content, apps, podcasts and courses in addition to print and ebooks.

Much more.

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