Scribd Acquires Librify, Bulking up on Social E-Reading

Scribd Librify social e-reading subscription ebooksThe subscription-based content provider Scribd acquires Librify, a social e-reading platform, for undisclosed terms.

Librify was founded in 2013 and launched publicly last summer as a “Goodreads plus a book-of-the-month retail platform,” according to co-founder and CEO Joanna Stone Herman.

Scribd plans to use the start-up’s social features in order to develop a more robust social e-reading experience within its own platform.

“We value Librify’s focus on the social reading experience and the great work they’ve already done within reading communities,” Scribd co-founder and CEO Trip Adler said in a statement today. “This move is a natural extension of the existing Scribd product and something we, and our readers, have wanted to explore more deeply.”

Scribd declined to provide details about how Librify and its users would be incorporated into its current offering, but there is certainly precedence for building social and sharing features into subscription platforms.

Bookmate, a subscription ebook service operating primarily in Eastern Europe, Russia and parts of Asia, has long touted social features as critical to its business. In November last year, Bookmate co-founder Simon Dunlop said the subscription model for ebooks “does not seem viable” in the long-term without a fully realized social e-reading experience at its core.

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