Reedsy Launches Open Source Author Survey

Reedsy logo no textHow much money do authors typically make? And how much does it cost an author to self-publish a book?

Questions like these are part of a new author survey launched by Reedsy, an all-encompassing self-publishing platform.

“What’s the reality of being an author in 2015? This is what we’d like to uncover with the Reedsy Author Survey,” says Emmanuel Nataf, founder and CEO of Reedsy. “Our objective is to provide accurate data about income streams, publishing preferences and self-publishing costs.”

According to Reedsy’s site, “data can help authors understand the publishing landscape better. The Reedsy Author Survey will unearth industry sales statistics. Whether you are a self-published or traditionally-published author, you can be part of this effort and contribute.”

All data provided will be anonymized when published on Reedsy’s site.

The survey is short—the site says it takes two minutes to complete—and asks authors for basic information about what types of books they have published, how much they pay for certain services, and how much money they ultimately make.

Once Reedsy has enough data, the company will release its analysis.


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