Rakuten Buys OverDrive

Kobo Rakuten OverDrive ebooks librariesThe company that Kobo’s former head once called the “Amazon of Japan” significantly enlarges its ebook business by scooping up OverDrive in a $410 million deal announced yesterday.

Acquiring the library distributor is Rakuten’s latest major push into the digital content space, one of three key growth areas the Japan-based company says it’s targeting.

Rakuten bought Kobo in 2011 for $315 million.

Announcing the deal yesterday, Rakuten highlights the global scope of its ambitions, saying the purchase positions OverDrive to “take advantage of the global reach, scale and technologies” Rakuten boasts worldwide.


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Executive-Level Reshuffling at Nook (Good E Reader)
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EU Push for Lower Ebook Tax Rate Intensifies (Reuters)
As expected, certain European Union countries continue to press their case for that a recent ruling disqualifying ebooks from the lower tax rates reserved for print books must change. France, whose tax rules were under review in the cases, is joined by Italy, Germany and France in pressing for new legislation that supports a fairer “digital economy.”

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The UK’s new national budget reserves £7.4 million to bring wi-fi to the country’s public libraries, less than half of which currently offer it to patrons. Among other services the expansion of wi-fi connectivity will enable is on-site access to digital content like ebooks and audiobooks.

Amazon Shutters E-Commerce Platform (Re/code)
Amazon Webstore, the service Amazon offers small and midsize business for running online stores, will close in 2016 after current clients transfer to alternative platforms. Competitors like Shopify and Bigcommerce are making more aggressive plays for the market.
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Amazon Expands One-Hour Delivery (VentureBeat)
Prime subscribers in Baltimore and Miami are the latest to receive Amazon’s one-hour delivery service, which launched as a pilot in New York last December. Amazon expects to add new locations to the program’s roster over the course of this year.


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