Publish and They Will Come…Right?

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We live in an age of abundance, which means discoverability matters more than ever.

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By some accounts, as many as 1 million new books are being published every year in the English language alone. In addition, readers can choose from a back-catalog over 30 million titles through Amazon, used bookstores, libraries and friends. Readers are spoiled for choice, and probably even overwhelmed by it.

The net result is that getting your book discovered, the book you’ve spent so much time writing, editing or publishing, is harder than ever before, simply because readers can choose from so many other titles. Creating awareness is the most fundamental and crucial step in the book discovery process–and it is a process; discoverability does not end there. We have to get readers to want to check the book out from their local library, read a sample on their devices and, hopefully end up deciding to buy it.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Perhaps more than anything else, we really need them to read and engage with the book so they will review, recommend and share it with others. Because no author or publisher can sustain sales momentum without without a virtuous feedback loop.

ebook discovery discoverability Andrew Rhomberg Jellybooks DBW15

Last year, the Digital Book World Conference + Expo invited me to share what we’ve learned at Jellybooks about how readers discover new titles and how authors and publishers get their titles discovered–two sides, of course, of the same coin. The workshop I hosted was so popular, that there was a long waiting list, and we had to find a larger venue that could accommodate 150 attendees.

The feedback was great, and thus we will be repeating the workshop with updates from another year in the trenches of figuring out ways to market books that don’t involve paid advertising or black-hat search engine optimization.

Last year’s attendees told me they walked away with lots of new ideas to test out. We still have a few spaces available, but once again, the venue (with 200-seat capacity this year) is filling up fast, so don’t wait! Hope to see you in New York City next week!

Click here for more information on my workshop at Digital Book World 2015, “Finding and Building an Audience: On Discovery and Discoverability” and go here to register.

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One thought on “Publish and They Will Come…Right?

  1. James

    “We have to get readers to want to check the book out from their local library”

    Well, you could start by actually making them available without checkout limits, 3-4x retail price, etc. Perhaps then we’d be more interested in buying them for people to check out. Artificial scarcity and kill switches aren’t doing publishers any favors.



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