Opportunities for Publishers in the Television Landscape

Opportunities for Publishers in the Television Landscape“MIPJunior, the world’s largest showcase for children’s television rights, was both inspiring and invigorating this year,” writes Jacks Thomas in a blog post for Digital Book World. “It saw authors and TV producers, digital players and licensing gurus, all rubbing shoulders as they showcased the very latest content and debated the challenges and opportunities in a world where on-demand and streaming platforms are transforming the children’s TV business.”

“But how does this disruption in TV affect the book world?” Thomas asks. “When we met at Cannes, both the LBF delegation of publishers and PACT UK’s delegation of producers felt that the evolution of the TV industry provides publishing companies that hold intellectual property with new opportunities for valuable rights sales and brand licensing partnerships.”

“We found the most successful publishers in this rights market,” Thomas continues, “were the ones with the best digital infrastructure and understanding, and these can be either big players or start-ups.”

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SpotlightHachette Still Eyes Strategic Acquisitions (Pub Lunch)
Hachette Livre CEO Arnaud Nourry was the headliner in the annual CEO interview at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Wednesday. Nourry reiterated the position of his parent company, Lagardere, which has been putting their major “allocation of cash…towards other businesses” recently but remains ready for smaller investments in publishing. “As far as medium-size, fill-in acquisitions, we are and will remain very active,” Nourry made clear. Moreover, he remains delighted that Hachette has returned to the agency model for ebooks, with a core belief that “when you lose control of the price point of your content, you’re on the way to death.”

Spotlight4 Trends to Emerge from Frankfurt (PW)
“There is no question that the Frankfurt Book Fair continues to be the biggest event in the publishing calendar when it comes to rights and licensing,” writes Tom Chalmers, managing director of IPR License. “But what’s going to be driving conversation (and business) at Frankfurt and beyond? Let’s take a look.”

Amazon Now an Everything Business (Wired)
In his seminal book detailing the history of the world’s largest online retailer, journalist Brad Stone dubbed Amazon the “everything store.” But now more than ever, Amazon isn’t just about selling everything. It’s an everything business.

What Oyster’s Sunset Means for Ad Blocking (TechCrunch)
Oyster, the “Netflix for books,” made headlines when the company announced it was shutting down. News then broke that Oyster’s co-founders and CEO would be joining the Google Play Books team in what looked like a thinly veiled acqui-hire. This announcement raises some important questions about what it takes to survive, not just in the ebook business, but as a subscription service overall. Due to the rise of ad-blocking software, attention is raining down on the subscription market. Between 2013 and 2014, the number of Internet users using ad blockers rose from 54 million to 121 million.

EC to Assess Amazon Complaint (Bookseller)
The European Commission is assessing a complaint about Amazon’s dominance of the print market in addition to its investigation into the company’s activity in the ebook market. In June, the EC revealed it had launched an investigation into the way Amazon distributes ebooks and its relationship with publishers, particularly focusing on contract clauses that “require publishers to inform Amazon about more favourable or alternative terms offered to Amazon’s competitors,” otherwise known as Most Favoured Nation clauses.

Barnes & Noble Delivers Book Excerpts to Nook (Digital Reader)
Barnes & Noble has launched a new discovery feature called B&N Readouts, a new section of its Nook app where B&B algorithmically recommends books and news articles for you to try. You can limit the recommendations to your preferred genres, and easily scroll through the recommendations. If you see one that interests you, you can read a snippet, which is about two iPad screens in length and takes from one to five minutes to read. If you like what you’ve read, you can share the snippet or you can download a longer sample.

5 Predictions for the Future of Publishing (Guardian)
More than a month after the public release of Apple’s iOS 9, each day is bringing new surprises, dramas and lessons for the digital media world. We’ve accelerated towards an ad blocking apocalypse thanks to iOS 9, failed to see the rollout of the Apple News app in the UK (though you can access it if you really want to), and seen the launch of its rival Facebook Signal. David Benigson, CEO of Signal Media, offers five predictions for where the industry is headed.

Is Twitter a Book Publishing Company? (Pub Perspectives)
The definition of what a publisher is and does is up for grabs, and no more so than in the fast-evolving business and information publishing sector, where one German executive is predicting his company will one day employ more IT professionals than editors.

High-Speed Korea a Test-Bed for EdTech (Pub Perspectives)
With a population of just less than the UK and the 13th largest economy in the world by GDP, South Korea is widely regarded as having the fastest Internet in the world. “On the subway you will see everyone is looking at their phones and the same is even true even in elevators, as you can get high-speed Internet everywhere,” says Robert Kim, CEO and co-founder of the South Korea-based company iPortfolio Inc, whose ebook platform Spindle Books has been chosen by Oxford University Press ELT as its strategic ebook platform.

Hachette to Use Syncrofy for Data Solutions (DBW)
CoEnterprise, a B2B software and professional services company, announced that Hachette Book Group has chosen Syncrofy to help it gain visibility into their data and free up technical resources. Hachette needed a software solution that it could implement quickly and had minimal impact to its production processing and B2B partners.

Spotlight63% Rights Buyer Uplift for TradeRights (DBW)
TradeRights, IPR License’s global rights licensing marketplace, has announced a 63-percent increase in rights buyer activity since the onset of its partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair in May.


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