New Study: Children’s E-Reading Comes of Age

In the run-up to yesterday’s Publishers Launch Kids Conference at Digital Book World 2015 this week, we’ve explored several recent changes in the growth and evolution of the children’s market. :

PlayCollective Launch Kids children's publishing ebook kids e-readingEach of these insights is based on data collected in The ABCs of Kids & E-Reading: Volume 4, the latest report in an ongoing research project by PlayCollective and Digital Book World, now available here in its entirety.

Measuring change and emerging trends based on data from the past to years’ research, The ABCs of Kids & E-Reading traces patterns both in children’s device use and ownership and identifies clear shifts in parents’ spending habits, motivations and purchasing intentions.

The report also explores the evolution of family reading behaviors, the ways children approach favorite ebooks, how parents shop for and decide to buy digital kids’ content, price expectations and much more–making this report an indispensable resource for children’s ebook publishers, digital content developers and marketers in a rapidly transforming market.

Click here to learn more and purchase The ABCs of Kids & E-Reading: Volume 4.


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