New Combinations for Digital Fiction

genre fiction ebooks digital publishing Full Fathom FiveWith ebook growth flattening out, publishers “can’t afford not to think more creatively about how they acquire new content,” one independent publisher argues.

“Genre fiction in particular risks becoming a victim of its own success,” explains Samatha Streger, Director of Publishing at Full Fathom Five.

Standing out in an “over-saturated” market is no longer just a marketing and discovery challenge. It’s an editorial one, too.

Streger proposes five strategies geared to acquiring new content that can stand a shot at success in the especially tough digital market for genre fiction.


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When Readers Hold the Keys to the Castle
“No longer does our or any industry control the main filters through which information about what to buy reaches customers,” writes IPR License founder Tom Chalmers. That puts readers in an unprecedented position of power when it comes to content discovery and curation. Here’s how publishers can go about working within that new reality, rather than resisting it.

Emerging Trends in Children’s Apps
Two recent prize-winning book apps for kids could point the way forward for narrative invention in digital formats. As one expert in the space remarks, they showcase how interactivity can serve as “the basis of narrative progression, not self-contained activities or detours injected into an otherwise static, sequential story.”

ICYMI: Apple Could Soon Take Its Case to Washington
The next and last stop on Apple’s legal odyssey over ebook pricing could turn out to be the U.S. Supreme Court. An appeals court recently affirmed a lower court’s ruling that the tech giant had conspired with publishers to fix the prices of ebooks, and a dissent in the latest decision may point the way forward for Apple to argue otherwise before the highest court in the land.


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