NetGalley and Vorablesen Partner in German Book Market

NetGalley[Press Release]

Vorablesen and NetGalley to join forces in the German book market

14 October 2015—NetGalley is partnering with reader platform Vorablesen, an independent initiative launched by Ullstein Publishers, to launch NetGalley in the German book community. NetGalley provides secure, digital review copies to 270,000+ reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, educators and other professional readers. The NetGalley service is already available to publishers in North America, the UK, Australia and France, with a planned launch of the German site in spring 2016.

“We’re delighted to partner with Vorablesen to launch NetGalley in Germany,“ said Susan Ruszala, NetGalley’s President. “Digital advance-reader-copies make sense in any market, to drive early word-of-mouth and buzz about new books. Vorablesen’s community-building expertise and creative marketing make them a natural partner.“

Vorablesen is a platform targeted to avid readers, that offers printed advance-reader-copies in exchange for reviews. With 45.000 readers eager to discover new books and over 50 publishers, Vorablesen has been catering to the marketing needs of the German publishing industry since 2008.

Using NetGalley, publishers provide secure, digital review copies that can be read on all major reading devices and platforms. Influencers such as reviewers, bloggers, media, librarians, booksellers and educators register and use the site for free to request review copies; be invited to review titles by publishers; and provide recommendations and reviews to the publisher. The site is well-established in the US, Canada, the UK, France and Australia, with over 350 publishers using the service.

Marguerite Joly, director of Vorablesen and Head of New Business Initiatives at Ullstein Publishers said of the partnership: “Vorablesen has since 2008 grown a proven and passionate community, that will be complemented beautifully in 2016 by the professional-reader services we can offer through NetGalley.”

About NetGalley (
NetGalley is part of Firebrand Technologies (, which provides leading software and services to help publishers achieve success. NetGalley delivers secure, digital galleys to professional readers on behalf of over 300 publishers and hundreds of authors, to help promote and market new books.

About Vorablesen (
Vorablesen launched its reading community in 2008. Through Vorablesen, readers get to discover and read new book prior to publication, and can enter to win one out of 100 copies each week in exchange for reviews on the site and on all major bookretailers. The community of 4500 users allows for positive reviews of new titles on release day.


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