Nerdist Launches Collection on Inkshares

Inkshares crowdfunding crowdsourcing ebook publishing start-up TwitterInkshares, a crowdsourced publishing startup, announced that Nerdist, the Chris Hardwick-founded website, podcast network and YouTube channel, has launched a collection on Inkshares. The collection will be published under the Nerdist name and will be targeted at the Nerdist audience.

According to the press release, “authors in the Nerdist collection will also have opportunities to develop their work into other media such as movies, TV series, and digital productions.”

As part of the launch, Inkshares is holding a contest to find science fiction and fantasy writers from the Nerdist community. The top five projects will be announced on September 30, 2015 and will be published even if they don’t meet their pre-order goal.

Earlier this year, Inkshares introduced Inkshares Ideas, a “‘Tinder’ for book ideas,” as well as a reward program to give users redeemable credits in exchange for recommending projects on the platform.

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Nerdist Launches a Collection on Inkshares; Inkshares and Nerdist Sign Imprint and First-Look Deal

August 17, 2015 (San Francisco, CA)—Inkshares, a start-up crowdfunded book publisher, announced today that the Nerdist, the wildly popular website, YouTube Channel, and podcast network founded by comedian and television personality Chris Hardwick, will be launching a collection on Inkshares. This collection will include books published under the Nerdist name, targeted at the Nerdist audience.

Authors in the Nerdist collection will also have opportunities to develop their work into other media such as movies, TV series, and digital productions.

As part of this launch, Inkshares is running a contest to find the next great science fiction/fantasy writer from the Nerdist community. The top five science fiction and fantasy Inkshares projects as determined by unique reader counts by September 30th, 2015 will be published, even if they haven’t hit their pre-order goal. Of those five, the Nerdist will select one to be in their collection, receiving Nerdist branding and promotion.

“Inkshares takes a democratic approach to publishing by having readers select what we publish,” said Jeremy Thomas, CEO. “We couldn’t be more excited to have a community as big and passionate as the Nerdist championing for writers among their ranks to get their big break through this contest.”

“So much of our audience is made up of creators, and we are constantly encouraging people to ‘just do the thing you are passionate about,’ that I feel that it is imperative to use the Nerdist platform that we have built along with them to help broadcast their work to the world.” said Chris Hardwick, CEO of Nerdist. “This will be a great way for us to do that with writers, whom we made sure will get a much better revenue share with Inkshares than if they had gone through traditional publishing.”

The Nerdist and Inkshares will announce the winners of the Nerdist Collection contest on September 30th, 2015.

About Nerdist
Nerdist Industries is a multi-platform creator of genre and popular culture content. Founded by CEO Chris Hardwick, its online presence includes featuring Nerdist News hosted by Jessica Chobot as well as weekly shows Because Science, The Dan Cave, and Nerdist Play; a Podcast Network including the flagship Nerdist Podcast; The Nerdist School comedy training program; and the Nerdist Alliance, a community of curated partnerships with some of YouTube’s most talented creators. Nerdist also produces content for television including @midnight for Comedy Central. Nerdist Industries owned by Legendary Entertainment and is part of the Legendary Digital Network which also includes Geek & Sundry and Smart Girls at the Party.

About Inkshares
Inkshares is a reader-driven publisher. We have readers select the books we publish—we then edit, design, print, distribute, and market any book that meets a pre-order threshold. Since launching in February 2014, 49 books have reached their pre-order goal on Inkshares and we’ve received coverage in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Publishers Weekly. Check us out at


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