Mobile Moves to the Center

mobile DBW15 ebooks publishersWith ebook growth at something of a standstill, publishers are anxious to find new ways of getting their content in front of readers.

Many are turning toward ebook subscription services and taking a fresh look at audiobooks–two areas that seem invested with a momentum lacking in the a la carte ebook market.

As industry leaders at Digital Book World 2015 reminded publishers last week, the shift toward mobile media consumption lies behind both of those trends, not to mention a great many others.

Reviewing the latest data on mobile devices, platforms and usage in a new report, analyst Thad McIlroy paints a comprehensive portrait of the current mobile landscape and offers market-based recommendations for confronting those changes strategically.

Much more.

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Recapping Digital Book World 2015 (DBW)
The biggest, most broadly programmed Digital Book World Conference + Expo in the event’s history came and went last week. For those who were unable to make it, had to skip one great session in order to attend another or just want a refresher of everything that transpired, here’s a full roundup of conference coverage.

Amazon Reassures Authors on Kindle Unlimited (Good E Reader)
Speaking last week at Digital Book World 2015, Kindle SVP Russ Grandinetti appealed for authors’ patience as Amazon tinkers with its subscription ebook program, which some claim is eroding their compensation. Ultimately, Grandinetti said, the subscription model is here to stay.

UK Authors Scraping by? (Teleread)
One industry watcher sizes up recent complaints that many authors in the UK still have trouble earning a living from their writing, either because Amazon sells their work too cheaply or publishers offer them a raw deal, among other factors. The results of the 2015 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author Survey show many stateside authors running into similar issues. The new report based on those findings proposes a fresh model for thinking about the economics of being an author.

What’s Next in Self-Publishing (PW)
Industry insiders predict self-publishing will continue on its growth path, especially in digital, and that indie authors will find new ways to innovate when it comes to collaboratively developing and distributing their work. And the mobile boom that’s transforming how traditional publishers operate is likely to reverberate through the self-publishing landscape as well.

How Ebook and Print Sales Relate (Pub Lunch)
Nielsen Book’s Jonathan Nowell presented data at Digital Book World 2015 last week exploring the impact of ebook sales on the print market and vice versa. Among other findings, trade paperbacks have taken a harder hit than hardcovers, widely assumed to be at greatest risk of cannibalization by cheap ebooks.

EU Presses Amazon on Tax Deal (Fortune)
The European Union expands its inquiry into the e-tailer’s tax arrangement with Luxembourg, in a series of investigations also involving Apple and Starbucks, as to whether those companies’ deals with certain EU countries distort the community’s single market.

Adult Trade Sales Pick up in October (Pub Lunch)
Monthly figures from the Association of American Publishers show adult trade sales in the U.S., which had been weak for much of 2014, were up about 11% in October. Children’s ebooks, meanwhile, showed continued modest growth.

Self-Publishing…for Kids! (GalleyCat)
The children’s side of the self-publishing service Lulu partners with FableVision Learning to launch a platform guiding kids through the publishing process. Called “My Awesome Publishing Company!”, the program is being billed as an interactive classroom tool.


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