Macmillan Doubles Ebook Offerings on Scribd and Oyster

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In an expansion of the partnerships with the leading subscription ebook platforms it kicked off in January this year, Macmillan doubles its offerings on both Scribd and Oyster, adding roughly 1,000 titles apiece to the two platforms.

Both of those contributions cover popular back-list fiction and nonfiction ebooks, which Scribd says includes best-selling titles by Grace Paley, Hilary Mantel, John McPhee and others.

Macmillan has yet to make new releases available to subscribers of either service.

Children’s titles are also included in both of today’s expansions; Scribd says it’s gained more than 300. “While we’ve been more closely focused on other genres,” Scribd’s VP of Content Acquisition Andrew Weinstein tells Digital Book World, “we have been steadily growing the children’s catalog, and this Macmillan deal is one of the more prominent offerings we’ve added over the past year.”

Macmillan has tried subscription children’s ebooks before, most recently adding several hundred titles to Epic!, the subscription-access digital content platform exclusively for young readers, in May.

Scribd recently eliminated an undisclosed number of romance and erotica ebooks from its platform in what was widely seen to be an effort at stabilizing unsustainably high rates of payouts to authors and publishers.

Apparently readers in the genre are consuming content at such high volumes that Scribd needed to make adjustments. The platform will now rotate certain titles in and out of its catalog, though Weinstein says the romance category will continue to see additions.

While it’s unknown how many titles Scribd cut, the company confirms its total catalog of ebooks, audiobooks and digital comics still exceeds 1 million, a milestone it had passed by April 2015. Scribd acquired the social e-reading start-up Librify late last month and closed a $22 million round of funding earlier this year.

Oyster says its own subscription-access catalog, Oyster Unlimited, which contains exclusively ebooks, likewise numbers more than 1 million titles.

2 thoughts on “Macmillan Doubles Ebook Offerings on Scribd and Oyster

  1. carmen webster buxton

    So, this looks to me like one way the publishers are fighting back against Amazon– withhold their books from Kindle Unlimited but provide them to other subscription services. It will be interesting to see if these services take off at all. It seems like they need to hit the sweet spot between giving away the store and not getting enough subscribers to make it worthwhile.



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