Kids E-Reading, With a Little Help From Their Parents

children's publishers kids ebooks e-reading playcollective DBW15Slowly but surely, children appear to be spending more time with ebooks.

“While device popularity–e-readers, tablets, smartphones, computers–shifts from year to year…the overall take-up of digital books is huge and growing,” says David Kleeman, SVP of Insights and Programs at PlayCollective.

According to the organization’s latest research, which will be published by Digital Book World in a report next week, 93% of children ages 2–13 now read an ebook at least once a week.

That’s thanks in no small part to their parents, many of whom, Kleeman says, “appear more willing to spend on ebooks now as well, with growth each year in the amount per title they feel is appropriate.”


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Big Tablets for Small Readers (The Digital Reader)
Changes in children’s e-reading habits can’t be divorced from the hardware market, which continues to evolve even while tablet sales overall have stagnated. Fuhu unveils a new line of large-format kids’ tablets, but they’re not exactly expected to retail at budget prices–and affordability has been known to be a key factor in families’ device purchases.

Why Ebooks Aren’t Dying (Guardian)
Weighing in on recent fears that the ebook market is drying up in the UK, after a Waterstones executive remarked on the bookseller’s shrinking device sales, one observer comments, “As a sector we are often guilty of playing print sales off against ebook sales, as if the rise in one format must always be to the detriment of the other.”

Nook Device Sales Way Down (Pub Lunch)
Barnes & Noble reports Nook is down more than 55% during the holiday shopping season, thanks in large part to the weak performance of the Samsung-built Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, of which the company had hopes of moving at least a million units. So far, Publishers Lunch estimates sales of the device at only about 200,000.

Nook Woes Dampen Spin-off Prospects (WSJ)
As one observer sees it, Nook’s plummeting revenue could frustrate Barnes & Noble in its efforts at selling the ebook business off in August of this year as planned.

Hachette Concludes Black Dog & Leventhal Acquisition (PW)
After announcing a deal to purchase Black Dog & Leventhal in November, Hachette Book Group finalizes the acquisition, which adds a back-list of about 250 nonfiction titles to its catalog.

In-Flight Ebooks Taking Off? (Good E Reader)
U.S. regulators lifted restrictions on the use of certain electronic devices at the end of 2013, but it wasn’t until the past holiday season that the first serious push to sell digital content to airline passengers got underway. HarperCollins launched an ebook program with jetBlue in November.
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Elsevier’s Open Access Standoff Continues (Times Higher Ed)
Dutch universities extend negotiations with Elsevier, pressing the publisher for a fully open access approach to publishing their scholars’ research. The academics point to a recent deal with Springer that eliminated fee-based access.
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Authors Guild Backs Out of Copyright Case (PW)
The Authors Guild drops its suit against the HathiTrust over fair use provisions, seven months after an appeals court ruled in favor of the Google-affiliated group of research institutions.


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