Is Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution on the Horizon?

shutterstock_227365033What if you could instantly see a list of the popular ebooks being read around you, and if you were interested in one of them you could pull up a sample directly from someone else’s device onto yours?

That’s just one of the questions Joe Wikert asks in his essay that considers the possibilities and ramifications of peer-to-peer content distribution.

“Publishers would freak out over this model, at least initially,” Wikert writes. “They’ll no longer control distribution and it will create holes in their analytics.” But in an effort to embrace wider distribution and consumption, Wikert adds, many would eventually warm up to the idea.

Wikert goes on to say we place too much emphasis on global trends, and that there is much we can learn from local and hyperlocal trends, as well.


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Ebook Service Entitle Shuts Down (PW)
Entitle, an ebook subscription service launched in 2013, is shutting down. Plagued by competition and app glitches, the company announced its shutdown on July 21 and encouraged users to move their accounts over to Scribd, where former Entitle members will be offered a free month of use.

UK Government Could Jail Online Pirates for up to 10 Years (ZDNet)
The United Kingdom released a paper outlining its plans to increase the maximum sentence for digital pirates from two to 10 years. This new sentencing would put infringing the rights of online copyright holders on par with the same infringement of physical goods.

Macmillan Parent Company Holtzbrinck to Stop Using DRM in Germany (The Digital Reader)
Holtzbrinck, the parent company of Macmillan, is dropping encryption DRM from the books it publishes in Germany. All of the company’s German publishers will cease using the “hard” encryption method in August and will instead use digital watermarks, often referred to as “soft” or “social” DRM.

Springer Partners with ReadCube to Increase Visibility (Springer)
Springer has signed an agreement with the publishing technology company ReadCube in order to increase the visibility of its journal articles, book chapters and conference proceedings via ReadCube’s web, desktop and mobile applications.

Streaming Ebook Service Skoobe Gains Support for Illumina eReader (The Digital Reader)
The Dutch ereader maker Icarus has released a new version of its Illumina ereader that is equipped with the Skoobe Android app. This move now means that Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is not the only streaming ebook service that works on an ereader with an e-ink screen.


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