IPR License Partners with 3 Major Chinese Publishers

IPR License[Press Release]

IPR License, the global rights and licensing specialists, has formed an alliance with three major Chinese publishing houses to help widen the international gateway for Chinese language titles.

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP), Yilin Press and Foreign Languages Press (FLP) have all partnered with IPR License to utilise its fully transactional rights and licensing marketplace TradeRights. This alliance will enable the publishers to engage and interact with a wider international audience for their extensive and varied collection of available book rights.

In addition, IPR has also agreed to extend its working relationship with Beijing-based The Charlesworth Group to help facilitate this greater market presence within the Chinese marketplace. Having been established in Beijing for over 15 years The Charlesworth Group has developed strong relationships with a full range of stakeholders in the Chinese publishing community.

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director at IPR License, commented:

“This alliance underlines the strides we are making as a company on the international stage, and the extent of demand for our services within the forward-thinking Chinese publishing arena. Licensing continues to be high on the agenda for the vast majority of Chinese publishers. Aided by a push from the Chinese government for increased exports, whether for physical products or in this case intellectual property and content, Chinese publishers are constantly looking for new routes into international markets and audiences. FLTRP, Yilin Press and Foreign Languages Press are all fully switched on to the challenges they face in building up this part of their business but also of the vast untapped potential which exists.

“Many people, quite wrongly, assume that Chinese books are specific for the local market and culture. However, upon seeing these publishers’ catalogues and lists it’s apparent that many of these titles have huge international appeal and we urge all international rights buyers to check out these available rights on our fully transactional rights and licensing marketplace – TradeRights.”

Helen Charlesworth, CEO at The Charlesworth Group, commented:

“The Charlesworth Group has supported Chinese publishers for over a decade, understanding the challenges they have encountered in improving their content quality and determination to publish to international standards. It is an impressive transformation that is set to continue with Chinese publishers turning their attention to international markets. TradeRights provides an excellent solution for their needs, enabling them to showcase the quality of their publications and trade rights and licenses internationally.

“The Charlesworth Group is delighted to continue supporting IPR License in raising awareness and usage of TradeRights by Chinese Publishers.”

For further information please visit www.iprlicense.com


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