Introducing DBW Spotlight

DBW Spotlight Digital Mark 600Digital Book World is proud to announce the launch of DBW Spotlight—a new way for you to dive deeper into the issues that are important to your business.

Starting in September, our editors will devote each month to putting the spotlight on a topic essential to successful digital publishing. Over the course of the month, we’ll highlight relevant news articles, commission expert opinions and provide you with additional resources, like white papers and webinars, on the Spotlight theme.

Spotlight topics will be selected for their relevance to the publishing business calendar:

  • Digital Marketing: In September, we’ll launch with a look at trends, tips and tools for effective digital marketing, with an emphasis on practical strategies to improve sales for your new fall titles.
  • Rights Solutions: Concurrent with the Frankfurt Book Fair, we’ll focus on the rights supply chain and how to take advantage of new markets and squeeze more revenue out of your existing business.
  • Efficiency & Publishing Automation: Digital publishing isn’t just about ebooks. In November, we’ll look at emerging best practices and strategies to invest in a more efficient and profitable publishing program.
  • New Publishing Platforms: With the year coming to a close, we’ll dedicate December to looking back on how new publishing platforms are changing the way your customers discover and read the books they love.
  • Analytics & Data: With the start of the New Year, we’ll put the spotlight on tools and techniques that are helping publishers understand shifts in their audiences and sales channels.

All Spotlight content will be easily identifiable, as we’ll place a small icon — DBW SpotlightIcon— next to each piece relating to that month’s theme.

It’s a time of immense change for book publishers, and we hope you’ll find DBW Spotlight a great new way for you to stay on top of the topics important to your business.


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