Introducing DBW Spotlight

DBW Spotlight Digital Mark 600Digital Book World is proud to announce the launch of DBW Spotlight—a new way for you to dive deeper into the issues that are important to your business.

Starting in September, our editors will devote each month to putting the spotlight on a topic essential to successful digital publishing. Over the course of the month, we’ll highlight relevant news articles, commission expert opinions and provide you with additional resources, like white papers and webinars, on the Spotlight theme.

Spotlight topics will be selected for their relevance to the publishing business calendar: in September, we’ll launch with a look at digital marketing, October will cover rights solutions, November will be all about efficiency and publishing automation, December will focus on new publishing platforms, and January will take a deep dive into analytics and data.

Much more.

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How to Add a page-list to an EPUB (DBW)
“Navigation is an important part of every ebook file,” writes DBW blogger Joshua Tallent, “and one navigation option that many publishers often forget when creating their ebooks is page numbers.” Tallent goes on to describe in detail the three steps ebook developers should use to make their ebooks easier to navigate.

Amazon and NYC Postpone Ebook Deal (NY Daily News)
New York City Department of Education officials have postponed a $30 million deal with Amazon to create an ebook marketplace for the city’s 1,800 schools, after advocates complained that readers with visual impairments might have trouble accessing its design. “We are working closely with Amazon and community partners to ensure that all school communities — including those serving visually impaired students — will be able to take part,” agency spokeswoman Devora Kaye said.

Trajectory Partners with Pan Macmillan UK and Others (Futurebook)
Trajectory announced a host of new partnerships while at the Beijing International Book Fair, including bringing the Pan Macmillan UK catalog to China. The deal finds Trajectory globally distributing PanMac UK’s English-language ebooks to online retailers, libraries, schools, and to “alternative and other digital distribution channels.”

The Challenges of Ebook Subscription Services (Publishing Technology)
In the wake of Scribd’s recent announcements that it was amending its subscription service to reduce audiobook listens and cull certain parts of its ebook catalogue, Publishing Technology has a piece about the complications inherent in subscription services. Sbribd, for example, “has succeeded in attracting users, but Scribd’s behaviour over the last couple of months strongly suggests they still have some work to do in order to attract a broader, and therefore more profitable mix of customers.”

Getting Reader Data Before Publication (Publishing Perspectives)
Jellybooks founder Andrew Rhomberg explains how his company’s “smart” software embedded in ebook ARCs allows publishers to glean valuable pre-publication data from readers, and why this data is valuable for publishers.

The Future of the Campus Bookstore (Campus Technology)
With digital content available in multiple formats for nearly all instructional materials, college and university bookstores are facing multiple challenges to provide the content desired by students and faculty, to reduce the cost of instructional content and to compete with multiple retail sources for this content.


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