Inkshares Lets Users Crowdsource Book Ideas on Twitter

Inkshares crowdfunding crowdsourcing ebook publishing start-up TwitterThere’s good news for anyone with an idea for a book that can be summed up in 140 characters or less. The crowdsourced publishing start-up Inkshares introduces a feature allowing users to tweet those capsule concepts and see whether they’ll actually take shape.

Called Inkshares Ideas, the company bills the new feature as a sort of “‘Tinder’ for book ideas,” referring to the popular dating app that offers to match users up at the swipe of a finger.

Ideas tweeted through the Inkshares program are added to its platform, where other users can then “follow” ideas they like, in the hope that authors can develop the more popular ones into actual book projects crowdfunded and published on the platform.

Earlier this year Inkshares introduced a reward program to give users redeemable credits in exchange for recommending projects on the platform.

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Reader-Driven Publisher Inkshares Launches “Tinder” For Book Ideas

Matchmaking feature allows book lovers to follow the ideas they’d want to read

June 11, 2015 (San Francisco, CA) — Inkshares, a reader-driven book publisher, announced today the launch of Inkshares Ideas, a feature that allows anyone to get instant feedback on their book idea by tweeting to @inkshares with the hashtag #idea.

The feature aggregates these book ideas on the Inkshares website, where Inkshares readers can “follow” a book idea if intrigued, or skip to the next. Serving as a matchmaker for book ideas and potential readers, Inkshares Ideas is a simple way for anyone with a book idea to receive feedback from an audience and build a following.

“The Inkshares mission is to directly connect readers and writers with the goal of producing incredible books,” said Jeremy Thomas, CEO. “We want to build tools that help both readers and writers use our platform in an innovative way to showcase extraordinary writing. We can’t wait to see what ideas can capture a readership in twenty words or less.”

About Inkshares

Inkshares is a reader-driven publisher. We have readers select the books we publish—we then edit, design, print, distribute, and market any book that meets a pre-order threshold. Since launching in February 2014, 47 books have reached their pre-order goal on Inkshares, and we’ve received coverage in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Publishers Weekly. Check us out at


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