How to Format the Table of Contents in an Ebook

How to Format the Table of Contents in an EbookEbook developer Joshua Tallent has been using his Digital Book World column recently to discuss some best practices, ideas and opinions about ebook front matter. And in his latest installment, he dives into the table of contents.

Speaking to the Nav Doc, Tallent writes: “In EPUB 2, the Table of Contents (TOC) is actually built into two different files: an HTML file that is visible to the reader as they turn pages through the EPUB, and the NCX file, which is an XML file that most reading systems display as a special navigation option, usually when you select a TOC option from a menu. The reason for using two different files was the need for a TOC that was structurally correct while also having the ability to style the TOC in a way that matches the print book.”

He continues: “In EPUB 3, the needs of these two files have been combined into one: the HTML Nav Doc. The structure of the TOC is achieved by constructing the TOC as an ordered list, and the styling is done in the stylesheet.”

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Digital Book World’s Spotlight topic for November has been publishing processes, and on Tuesday, November 17th, at 1pm EST, we’re hosting our next webinar on the subject. Featured on the webinar will be Larry Bennett, Executive Director at Nord Compo, who will discuss template-driven workflows in the prepress process, and Carmen Lamb, Sales Representative, Digital Publishing Services, at LibreDigital, who will discuss the role of automation in digital file distribution. Click here to register.

Barnes & Noble Announces Nook Audiobooks App (DBW)
Barnes & Noble announced the release of the Nook Audiobooks App for iPhone and iPad, as well as a new website. The website has been designed to complement the apps, allowing customers access to a selection of more than 60,000 audiobooks online with the ability to listen anywhere.

Libraries Must Protect Patron Data As They Go High-Tech (Slate)
Today, some libraries are advocating for a bookless future. To many, that prospect seems bizarre, even sacrilegious. But hand-wringing over this possible change detracts from a more important question about the future of libraries: from accessing online card catalogs to viewing ebooks, from reserving and using a computer terminal to receiving reading recommendations based on lending habits, patrons transmit potentially sensitive digital information to and through libraries’ information infrastructures. So how are libraries ensuring the integrity and inclusiveness of data flows that are managed or mediated by the institution?

Review: The iPad Pro (TechCrunch)
The iPad Pro is coming into the world with a lot of weight on its shoulders. The speculation and expectation are running high. Is it a potential laptop replacement? An enterprise play? And on top of everything else, the onus is on it to prove that Apple’s tablet line has legs in the face of slowing sales and an incredibly long replacement cycle.

Macmillan Education Partners with Blinklearning (DBW)
Macmillan Education has partnered with educational technology company Blinklearning to build new digital products for students and teachers globally.

Publishers’ Net Revenue and Growth for First Half of 2015 (DBW)
The Association of American Publishers released statistics on industry sales and revenue for January to July 2015. During that period, publishers’ trade book sales were up by 0.3 percent, compared to the same period during the previous year. July, in particular, was a strong month for trade books, with adult, children/YA, and religious presses having double-digit growth in comparison to July, 2014.

The Biggest Book Fair in the EU’s Smallest Country (Pub Perspectives)
Malta’s biggest book fair displays the country’s varied cultural influences and serves as a showcase for its small, dynamic publishing industry.

IPR License Has Membership Surge After Successful FBF (DBW)
IPR License announced a host of new member sign-ups after a strong presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair. New members include Baylor University, Warrior Publishing Group, University of Wisconsin, Plaza Y Valdes, Dreamspinner, University of Indiana, Solution Tree Press, Pio-Seelos Books, Kitchen Press, W Kohlhammer GmbH, Lotus Publishing, Another Chapter Publishing and Aladdin Books.

Small Format Comics Make a Splash at Comic Arts Brooklyn (PW)
New York’s comics festival season wound up with Comic Arts Brooklyn, held November 7th-8th in Williamsburg. The event, put together by Gabe Fowler, owner of Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn, spotlights independent comics publishers and artists and drew 72 exhibitors to the one-day book fair, and hundreds more to a second day of panels and talks.

123Library Offers Publishers B2B Ebook Distribution Tools (DBW)
123Library, a specialist ebook platform based in the UK, has developed a new service that provides publishers with a customized cloud-based platform to deliver titles directly to institutions, corporations and libraries.


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