How to Define a Social Media Strategy

How to Define a Social Media Strategy“The social media information highway is crowded and noisy,” Chris Syme writes in a blog post for Digital Book World. “There are more than 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month, and according to Twitter, there are 500 million tweets posted each day. What’s more, an average of 70 million images are shared on Instagram daily.”

For an author trying to use social media to market his or her book, choosing a right strategy on the right platform can be difficult.

“The truth is, success is not about finding the right channel; it’s about defining strategy first, and then plugging in the right channels to reach your goals. Facebook is not a strategy. It’s a tactic.”

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Amazon Announces 6 New Devices (Wired)
Amazon announced six new devices, including a faster Fire TV box, a new Fire TV stick, a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire tablet, an 8-inch Kindle Fire tablet, a 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet and a children’s version. According to Wired, “with four tablets and two set-top boxes, Amazon made a single statement: We win at entertainment. You want to draw, futz with spreadsheets, or map the human genome? Great. Buy an iPad (preferably on!). But if you’re a Prime member looking for a way to watch movies, read books, or listen to music, Amazon believes firmly there’s no better way than with Amazon.”

Apple Requests More Time to File Supreme Court Appeal (Pub Lunch)
With a Friday deadline looming, attorneys for Apple have asked the US Supreme Court to extend the time in which they can file a petition for a writ of certiorari—the mechanism by which they ask the high court to hear an appeal of the verdict finding them guilty of antitrust violations in launching the iBooks Store. They have asked for the one-month delay that is allowed for, moving the filing deadline from September 28th to October 28th.

SpotlightAn Author’s Kindle Scout Success Story (PW)
While Kindle Scout has the potential to make aspiring authors’ dreams come true—winners receive a book deal complete with an advance and royalties from Amazon—navigating the publishing platform can be just as demanding a process as querying agents or self-publishing. Thousands of writers have submitted their books to Scout—which lets readers preview and vote for manuscripts they think should be published—but only a handful of authors have had the drive and marketing chops to secure the votes needed for a book deal. T.L. Zalecki is one of them.

SpotlightFacebook Changes How It Charges for Video Ads (Re/code)
Facebook is changing the way it charges for video ads in the hope of satisfying advertisers. The company’s new offering: advertisers can choose to pay only for impressions generated when their entire ad is visible on the screen, otherwise known as 100-percent viewability.

SpotlightReport: Facebook Retargeting Rising (Social Times)
Ad platform AdRoll analyzed more than 55,000 campaigns on Facebook between July 1, 2014, and June 30 of this year, accounting for more than 37 billion global impressions, and found some interesting results for ad targeting best practices.

SpotlightHow to Promote Your Book, in an Infographic (BookBaby)
BookBaby has put together an infographic explaining what a self-published author should do with his or her first 100 books. “If you’re going to self publish, you need to self promote. If you’re going to get involved in your own PR, physical books can be a great vehicle for your book promotion efforts. If you’re going to use print on demand books – we’ve got ideas for how to put 100 of them to work for you.”

In England, Lack of Digital Library Investment ‘Pushing’ Users Away (Bookseller)
A draft report commissioned by England’s Society of Chief Librarians has said that £20 million should be invested in digital services over the next three years to prevent libraries from becoming “soup kitchens for the written word.” The report, conducted by Bibliocommons, a commercial provider of library software systems, says libraries are “pushing” users away by their lack of investment in digital technology.

Millions of Students Using Ebooks as Learning Tool in Schools (DBW)
In a press release, ebook provider Overdrive announced that “nearly 13,000 schools and districts representing more than five million students from 41 countries have access to digital books this school year.”


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