HarperOne to Publish Digital-First Fiction at HarperLegend

HarperLegendHarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins, announced the launch of HarperLegend, a new publishing line that aims to publish undiscovered fiction authors in a digital-first format.

HarperLegend will publish fiction that meets its criteria of “visionary and transformational” and is accepting submissions.

Submissions will be reviewed digitally only and reviewed by the line’s editorial team. Accepted authors will obtain royalties for their ebook publication.

HarperLegend seeks to publish new writers who have “voices that communicate wisdom, insight, and/or personal growth with an overarching theme of transformation,” according to a press release.

Using the example of popular books such as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis, and Buddha By Deepak Chopra, amongst others, the company seeks to publish books that spark cultural conversations, and with digital-first publications in hopes of furtheing sales.

Mark Tauber, enior vice president and publisher of HarperOne, said, “Call them visionary fiction, spiritual novels, or just stories of change; these are books that not only move us, but transform and illuminate. We have seen the success of this type of fiction as we watch our sales grow and authors’ influence widen. As we can see from our colleagues at Avon Impulse, and often hear from our readers, digital-first fiction is growing.”

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One thought on “HarperOne to Publish Digital-First Fiction at HarperLegend

  1. Mary Mongrain

    To the editor:
    I think this is a wonderful idea especially for authors like me. I have no connections nor is my name very visible in the Book Market.I had a problem submitting the form. The submission RIDE THE WIND opens with a blank page which was an oversight. I’m writing because I did read somewhere on your web that you would send a “received e-mail”
    I am a devout optimist. and hope this time I’ll make it.
    Mary Mongrain



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