HarperCollins Tries Mobile Marketing with Shazam

HarperCollins Shazam digital ebook mobile marketing discovery readers“We need to be more ambitious about who our audience is,” digital strategist Molly Barton exhorted publishers at the Digital Book 2015 Conference at BookExpo America earlier this week, urging them to look for readers in unlikely places.

Now HarperCollins announces a mobile marketing partnership with Shazam, which first came to prominence an app for identifying music, that seems bent on doing just that.

The program lets mobile users wave their devices over select HarperCollins titles emblazoned with the Shazam logo in order to access a platform of interactive multimedia content.

Powered by Shazam’s new visual recognition technology, the initiative checks off several key boxes in the modern marketing playbook: It goes after readers when they aren’t reading, relies on a brand partnership and is both mobile and interactive.

Much more.

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