HarperCollins Expands Bookmate Offering

HarperCollins Bookmate subscription ebooksMany of the leading ebook subscription services are growing, both in terms of content and reach.

Amazon brought Kindle Unlimited to Mexico and Canada less than two weeks ago. And earlier this month, Scribd added 10,000 digital comics to its subscription-based platform.

Now Bookmate brings its total catalog up to 250,000 titles after adding “a significant number” of ebooks from HarperCollins’s UK division.

Bookmate recently established a toehold in Asia by launching in Singapore late last year, and Oyster has confirmed it, too, will head overseas in 2015.


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Getting the Word out Post–Jon Stewart (PW)
What does the book publicity landscape look without Jon Stewart at the helm of The Daily Show? Publicists are about to find out. Some speculate that TV, whose impact was thought to have the biggest impact on nonfiction, may lose some power at a promotional medium overall.

EBSCO Buys YBP Library Services (The Bookseller)
EBSCO acquires the academic content distributor, but YBP will continue both its distribution partnership with Baker & Taylor and maintain its clients through ProQuest.

Bertelsmann Doubles Down on Education (Pub Lunch)
Acquiring a controlling stake in Alliant International University is just the latest move in a race to bulk up on education properties that pits Bertelsmann against Pearson, its Penguin Random House partner.

Malcolm X Estate Opts to Self-Publish (AP)
The estate of Malcolm X will release a self-published ebook (and, ultimately, an audiobook) edition of The Autobiography of Malcolm X, originally published by Penguin Random House.
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On DRM, Familiar Arguments, Little Change (Good E Reader)
This evenhanded piece rehearses the usual arguments for and against digital rights management systems before coming down somewhere in the middle, and speculating that the rise of subscription models may render some antipiracy measures moot. But what’s perhaps most noteworthy is how little the DRM debate has substantively changed in the past few years.

Dutch Bookseller Pilots Subscription Ebook Program (Telecompaper)
Just days after France deemed Kindle Unlimited and several local ebook subscription services illegal under its own laws, a Dutch bookseller called Bruna announces a similar program called Bliyoo, planning to launch a three-month beta soon.

BlackBerry Adds Amazon Appstore (Engadget)
BlackBerry’s latest update brings the Amazon Appstore to a greater number of the device maker’s smartphone users, who will now have access to more Android apps.

Sherlock Story Sleuthed Out (Telegraph)
Now is the winter of rediscovered content, as one author once (sort of) put it, made glorious by not one but three newly unearthed manuscripts by celebrated writers. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle now joins the ranks of Harper Lee and Dr. Seuss with the recovery of a Sherlock Holmes story in a 1904 pamphlet published to raise funds to rebuild a bridge in Scotland. The tale is called “Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs and, by deduction, the Brig Bazaar.”


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