HarperCollins Adds Ebooks to K-12 E-Reading Platform

Actively Learn HarperCollins ebooks e-reading learning K-12 education publishingIn a deal announced yesterday, HarperCollins adds “thousands” of popular trade ebooks to Actively Learn, a digital content platform for K-12 students.

Actively Learn aims to make it cheaper for school districts to access learning content than the typical costs of buying print or digital titles a la carte.

It says its e-reading platform and content library, which includes educational tools for instructors, is used by over 300,000 K-12 students to date.

HarperCollins’s contribution includes such primary and secondary school standbys as The Bridge to Terabithia and The Achelmist.

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Actively Learn Teams Up With HarperCollins Publishers To Provide Popular Trade Titles To Schools

Digital reading platform that lets students read across the curriculum to start offering popular books to students by teaming up with leading publisher HarperCollins

Seattle, Washington, June 02, 2015 — Actively Learn, a digital reading platform that lets students find joy and purpose in reading across the curriculum, is teaming up with leading publisher HarperCollins to offer popular books to students across the nation who use the platform.

This partnership allows teachers using Actively Learn to buy circulations of popular copyrighted titles from the platform’s online catalog, which already contains an exhaustive collection of free textbooks, canonical Public Domain pieces, high-interest short-form texts, and current events articles. Schools will now have access to thousands of HarperCollins’s most popular K-12 titles at affordable prices for individual student short-term access.

“We’re really excited to work with HarperCollins — they offer the high-quality branded content that teachers and students love, and we can now provide those titles at prices schools can afford,” said Jay Goyal, CEO and Co-founder of Actively Learn.

“We are pleased to support digital innovation in schools by enabling teachers to continue to teach their favorite HarperCollins books, but now in a new format,” said Leslie Hulse, Senior Vice President of Digital Business Development

Titles being offered as a result of partnership include Newberry Award Winners, New York Times Bestsellers, and classic children’s sets. Frequently requested books such as The Alchemist and The Bridge To Terabithia are now available with a click of a button. Moving forward, Actively Learn will also provide a pre-created set of questions, notes, and multimedia to accompany the most popular titles for teachers to use.

Actively Learn’s distribution model is yet another sign of the shifting landscape of digital publishing and school content purchasing. Instead of having to buy either print copies at full price, or expensive digital copies, teachers and administrators now have a cheaper, more flexible alternative.

To sign up for Actively Learn, visit http://www.activelylearn.com.


Actively Learn wants students to love reading. That is why Actively Learn is building the best digital reading platform for students — for too many, reading simply is not as educational and rewarding as it should be. Actively Learn is working to reinvent reading so that students understand and remember what they read, build connections between texts, and build knowledge. With Actively Learn’s software, teachers can use great texts to promote deep learning and help students explore texts to actively construct knowledge. Every day, over 300,000 K-12 students are getting more out of reading on Actively Learn.

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    Actively learn is not exclusive platform that wants students to love reading. I know free services (Essay Penguins, for example), that post information on tips and rules for beginner writers and it is available for you anytime.



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