Gumroad Takes Ebooks to Android Users

Gumroad Hachette Android mobile d2c e-commerceThe e-commerce platform that recently helped Hachette sell ebooks on Twitter launches a mobile app for Android.

Gumroad says its December pilot program with Hachette was a success, in one case allowing author and musician Amanda Palmer to sell 100 copies of her book within twenty minutes of tweeting a ‘buy’ button to her followers.

The company’s founder Sahil Lavingia says he sees Gumroad’s platform as a tool for helping authors and publishers “give their readers the best possible experience” as consumers of mobile content. “The release of our Android app is an extension of that objective.”

Gumroad says it’s working on the next phase of its partnership with Hachette while fielding proposals from other publishers to develop their own direct-to-consumer campaigns.

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Txtr Seeks Buyer (Pub Lunch)
Filing for insolvency, the Germany-based ebook distributor txtr is appointed an administrator to sell off its assets and find a buyer for the company, which was founded in 2008. Blloon, the ebook subscription service affiliated with txtr, says it’s separately funded and is unaffected.

Amazon Launches Email Service (WSJ)
With the likes of Google and Microsoft in its crosshairs, Amazon rolls out WorkMail, an email service designed for businesses. At a monthly rate of $4 per inbox, Amazon says it intends WorkMail to be less complicated and a better bargain than what’s currently on the market.

Oyster Welcomes Harry Potter (Gigaom)
The seven-title series is now a part of Oyster’s subscription-based ebook catalog alongside three ancillary titles that aren’t available on the other subscription service that offers it, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

Kobo Takes Over Blinkbox Books (Good E Reader)
Kobo is making something of a cottage industry out of scooping up ebooks businesses that back out of the market, having done much the same with Sony’s last year. The ebook retailer will migrate Blinkbox customers to its ecosystem when Tesco shuts down the program next month.

3M Doubles Down on Cloud Library (Good E Reader)
3M is investing in developing new technology for its Cloud Library platform in response to the popularity of its products among libraries enlarging their digital capabilities and content offerings.

Italy’s Ebook Market Shifting into High Gear? (Pub Perspectives)
Ebooks are on track to grow 30–40% in Italy in 2015, according to AllBrain founder Marcello Vena, a trajectory powered in part by rising mobile usage.
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Media Tie-Ins Dominate Best-Seller List…Again (DBW)
For the first time this year–but the second in less than four months–the majority of titles on the Ebook Best-Seller List are affiliated with a film or TV series. With a movie adaptation starring Bradley Cooper in theaters now, two separate editions of American Sniper score places within the top 25, one of them at No. 1.

Best-Selling Author Launches Writer Program (PW)
Diana Gabaldon, whose Outlander series has made a strong, sustained showing on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List over the past few months, teams up with an independent bookstore to launch a writer-in-residence program. New survey data indicates successes like Gabaldon’s are hard to come by in the current market.
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