Gumroad Takes Direct Sales Platform to Android

Gumroad Android mobile e-commerce d2cE-commerce platform Gumroad launches an Android mobile app today, as it promised to do four months ago after rolling out an iOS app.

As with that version, the new Android app allows users to build custom libraries of digital content sold by partnering content creators over an array of social media channels and websites. Extending the same offering available to Apple users, “all mobile-friendly content sold by any Gumroad creator (from books and videos to music and comics) can be accessed via the Gumroad Library for Android app once purchased by a customer,” a Gumroad spokesperson explains.

theartofasking_imageThat gives publishers an opportunity to take their content straight to mobile users.

In December last year Hachette did just that, partnering with Gumroad on a pilot program to sell select titles through Twitter. The program embedded ‘buy’ buttons into certain authors’ tweets.

One of them was the musician and Hachette author Amanda Palmer, who sold 100 copies of her book The Art of Asking within twenty minutes of tweeting to her more than a million followers.

Gumroad’s catalog of mobile-friendly content has grown in recent months and currently offers 47,000 ebooks and digital comics (up from 35,000 in September), 2,000 videos and movies and 18,000 music products.

Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia says he’s “excited to continue to work with tremendous authors to help them give their readers the best possible experience. The release of our Android app is an extension of that objective.”

Gumroad collects 5% plus $0.25 of every transaction it processes, a model that’s consistent for all creators distributing content through the Gumroad platform, including Hachette.

Characterizing the Hachette program as a success, Gumroad says it’s talking with the publisher now about the next phase of the partnership. The company is also fielding requests from other publishers that have reached out over the past two months to develop similar campaigns of their own.

Lavingia, a Pinterest veteran, started Gumroad in 2011. The company, which currently has a staff of 24, has raised $8.1 million since then, and while Gumroad declined to disclose its revenue, a spokesperson says it’s seen “massive growth in sales volume over the past year.”


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