Google Pushing Publishers to Go Mobile

mobile Google publishers SEOIf many publishers have yet to catch up with where their readers are, Google plans to pressure them to.

A few weeks ago, Google made a rare announcement of a change set to weight mobile-responsive websites more favorably in searches.

“It’s a push to make mobile responsiveness the new normal for everyone (including publishers),” writes marketing expert Murray Izenwasser, “because mobile access already is normal for consumers.”

That leaves quite a handful of publishers behind the ball when it comes to the websites many of them are building out in order to drive discovery and take their businesses direct to consumers.

Much more.

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Barnes & Noble Curbs Nook Losses (Pub Lunch)
The struggling ebook division is losing less, but there’s less and less to lose. Nook sales were down in the third quarter to $77.5 million, less than half the $157 million of the previous year.

Apple Watch Will Live or Die by Apps (NYT)
One observer points out the device’s fortunes rest on Apple’s ability to get developers excited about creating apps to run on its new smartwatch.

Amazon Crowdsourcing Venture Moves Forward (Good E Reader)
Kindle WriteOn, the second of two distinct user-driven publishing programs Amazon set in motion last year, moves out of its beta phase and prepares to open its doors for readers to weigh in. The program is seen as a would-be rival to storytelling platform Wattpad.

Tolino Plans Self-Publishing Service (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
The German ebook consortium has sold self-published titles for a while. Now Tolina plans to launch a self-publishing platform that offers authors a free ISBN and 70% royalty rate, stepping up its efforts to give Amazon a run for its money in Europe.

Book Sales Down at Wiley (Pub Lunch)
In the midst of restructuring, Wiley sees book sales drop 12% in the third quarter compared with the same period last year, despite 2% sales growth overall.

Competition Heats up in Global Children’s Market (Pub Perspectives)
One industry insider says English-language children’s publishers are meeting with steeper competition in an increasingly global market: “The English are losing their supremacy in terms of selling rights because others have books that are so much more interesting. It’s a question of creativity.”

New Kobo Device Nearing Launch? (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Rumor has it Kobo will roll out two new e-reader models by this time next month, with one of which potentially set at a price point meant to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Voyage.

Best-Selling Ebooks Get Cheaper on Balance (DBW)
After a few weeks of inching upward, the average price of a best-seller drops more than a dollar on this week’s Best-Seller List. Meanwhile Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train heads into its sixth week at No. 1.

Digital Comics Bundling Aims for New Readers (Newsarama)
The digital comics bundling service Humble Bundle and a similar one, called Loot Crate, both say they’re finding success not just in terms of driving revenue for publishers but also in helping them reach niche audiences that may not otherwise gravitate to digital comics.


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