Four Reasons to Come to Digital Book World 2015

postitsmallIf you’re a DBW Daily reader, you already know the Digital Book Conference + Expo, the premier digital publishing event in the industry, is kicking off in New York City next week.

And if you’re still getting resituated after the holidays, you might consider the conference to be a distraction from the hard work of creating, marketing and distributing the content that makes up your business.

But if the changes of the past year have impacted any aspect of what you do, it’s highly likely you’ll find something at Digital Book World 2015 to help you do it better.

This year’s conference boasts the widest range of programming than any before it, all of it designed to help publishing professionals at every level of the industry adapt to the realities of the current landscape.

Here are four reasons to attend, based on the past twelve months in digital publishing.

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How to Deal with Slower Ebook Growth (HuffPost)
Smashwords CEO Mark Coker offers his roundup of predictions on the book business heading into 2015, with the gist of it being tougher competition for fewer rewards throughout the industry. There will still be winners, he says, but in many cases success will mean finding new approaches.
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Ebooks Find Footing in Higher Education (InfoDocket)
A new study examines the expanding roles ebooks are playing in higher education, from research to instruction. That’s a two-way street, with new approaches to digital content and the exigencies of educational institutions mutually informing one another. Digital Book World 2015 reserves special panels and sessions to exploring how.

Mark Zuckerberg’s New Book Club (PW)
The Facebook founder launches a new book club, inviting his more than 30 million followers to read a new book with him every two weeks. That means 26 lucky titles will get a serious marketing boost over the course of 2015.

Sales up at Penguin Random House (Pub Lunch)
With the euro still markedly weak against the dollar, U.S. publishers are getting what amounts to extra gravy on sales transacted in that currency. Penguin Random House saw a 7% bump sales in the second half of 2014 thanks to the favorable exchange rate.
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HarperCollins Adds New William Morrow Imprint (PW)
Geoff Shandler, a former Hachette editor cut loose in a round of layoffs last year, gets a new post heading up an as yet unnamed imprint within the William Morrow division, focusing on nonfiction titles.

After Fire Phone Faceplant, Amazon Regroups (Fast Company)
The weak performance of its first smartphone led Amazon to implement considerable staffing changes at Lab126, which developed the Fire Phone. Here’s a look at what the recent shake-up might mean for Amazon’s next generation of devices.

HTML5 Making Mobile Inroads (Good E Reader)
In the latest sign that HTML5 is becoming the language of choice for digital content as mobile usage rises, BlackBerry follows Adobe in dropping support for Flash in its web browser. Get the latest in HTML5 for publishers in a special panel on the subject at Digital Book World 2015.
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Apple’s Mobile Competition Heats up in China (Teleread)
New sales figures suggest the iPhone is facing steepening competition from the China-based device maker Xiaomi, whose smartphones run an Android-based operating system.


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