Focused Book Marketing in a Fragmented Market

book marketing Goodreads discovery ebooks“The key change authors and publishers need to embrace—and it’s a change that’s both an opportunity and a challenge—is that the book discovery landscape is fracturing,” Goodreads co-founder and CEO Otis Chandler says.

Some see that shift leading to readers exercising more control over how content is curated and discovered. For publishers, Chandler explains, that means paying closer attention to the people readers themselves are paying attention to.

“As the number of media outlets covering books becomes more and more limited, the smartest authors and publishers are now looking to build relationships with what we call “‘mini influencers.’”

Looking at Goodreads’s data on its more than 40 million members, Chandler concludes there are three kinds of “mini influencer” that book marketers can work with effectively in order to connect with the readers who follow them.

Much more.

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How to Encourage Creative Book Marketing (Pub Perspectives)
Publishers are getting better at utilizing data and research to inform marketing decisions, but successful campaigns are ultimately formulated by human beings, and some organizations are better than others at fostering creative marketing practices. Here three industry leaders weigh in on what it takes for book marketers to innovate and thrive.

Barnes & Noble Appoints Leaders to Manage Spinoff (WSJ)
The bookseller adds two new independent directors to its board in order to oversee the spinoff of its college division. Barnes & Noble says it anticipates at least one of its current board members will ultimately join the board of the separate education company created after the split.

Ideas and Innovation at BEA15 (DBW)
Industry leaders gathered last month at BookExpo America to discuss book publishing’s future and discuss which paths to take in order to get there. Download our concise, free roundup of key news and insights from every level of the industry to read on your own time.

Facebook Adds “Author Tags” (Search Engine Journal)
In a bid to give web publishers more audience development tools within its platform, Facebook introduces a new feature called “author tags,” allowing users to follow certain writers who post content inside the social network. The change is likely to impact how authors and marketers engage with book readers on Facebook.
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Inkshares Offers Custom Imprints to Indie Booksellers (PW)
The crowdsourcing publishing platform offers to set up individual imprints for independent bookstores. Inkshares sees the program as a method for local booksellers to better connect with their communities. And according to the start-up’s marketing head, “because we use crowdfunding, only books that reach their pre-order goal get published, so this creates no financial risk for the bookstore.” Inkshares recently launched a feature letting users crowdsource book ideas on Twitter.

A Look Back at the Flop of the Fire Phone (The Verge)
On the one-year anniversary of the launch of Amazon’s Fire Phone, The Verge reviews the device’s failure in an effort to understand how a company with so many other successful initiatives and products managed to get its smartphone so wrong.

Amazon Drones Could Take Flight in a Year (Quartz)
The latest turn in Amazon’s regulatory saga with the Federal Aviation Administration over its commercial delivery drone program has the aircraft set to launch as early as a year from now. Amazon says it will be ready to go as soon as the FAA releases regulatory protocol, which the agency is now working with NASA to establish.

Amazon Incentivizes Slow Shipping (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Just as the e-tailer waives shipping fees for certain small items, it increases the store credit it offers to customers who choose “No-Rush Shipping,” the slowest option available, from $1 to $2. Among other places, those credits can be used to be ebooks in the Kindle Store.


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