Ebook Production 101: The Copyright Page

Ebook Production 101: The Copyright PageEbook developer Joshua Tallent has been using his Digital Book World column recently to discuss some best practices, ideas and opinions about ebook front matter. And in his latest installment, he dives into the copyright page.

“The copyright page is very important, but there is still a lot of confusion about what a copyright page inside an ebook should contain,” Tallent writes. “Ebooks are not the same as print books, so the information on the ebook copyright page should relate to the ebook itself, not to its print counterpart.”

“There is no requirement on where this page is located,” Tallent continues, “but some publishers place it at the back of the ebook so that it doesn’t get in the way of the 10-percent sample that many retailers provide to potential consumers.”

Much more.

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SpotlightDeal Volume and Dollars Still Lag (Pub Lunch)
Publisher’s Lunch has a breakdown of how U.S. dealmaking during this year’s Frankfurt season stacks up with earlier years. This year, total domestic deals are down 11.5 percent over the five weeks or so ahead of the Fair (adjusted for this year’s late Labor Day and show), and still about 4 percent below the 2013 deal levels. Reported six-figure or better deals are in line with or ahead of the overall decline in deals, down 15 percent this season (and 11 percent lower than two years ago).

SpotlightSimon & Schuster CEO Seeks to Master Data (Pub Perspectives)
“We’re actively trying to grow” internationally, said Carolyn Reidy, CEO of Simon & Schuster, as the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair kicked off on Wednesday. “Particularly with the increase in digital, there are lots of new players, people to talk to, business to do.” Reidy is constantly looking for the next opportunity, whether that’s the “old-fashioned selling of our physical books all around the world,” acquiring more rights to boost international sales of English titles, or “the new players who come up with the new business ideas.”

Metadata That Kills (Medium)
Descriptive metadata is never neutral. It reflects our understanding of our society, and our interpretation of how we think the world should be. It is unavoidably evocative of not just a book, film, or song, but rather the whole society which gave it genesis. When developed, particularly Western, countries wind up determining codes and classifications, a very specific illustration of the world is drawn which is a slim sliver of human understanding of the world.

Inside the Classroom of the Future (Pub Perspectives)
Tomorrow’s classrooms will be collaborative workspaces, featuring 3D printers, “immersive” work stations and hybrid textbooks in which content is generated on the fly.

SpotlightBook Tech Showcase (Futurebook)
A Scottish startup using binaural recording, 3D audio software and immersive sound design to redefine the audiobook. A team of seasoned digital entrepreneurs from Cologne on a mission to revolutionize storytelling for mobile. A Manchester-based app employing behavioral science and gaming mechanics to take writers from big idea to final draft. A Canadian production company crowdfunding a series of interactive children’s books that dissolve the boundaries between the digital and the real. The Owl Field, oolipo, Write Track and Together Tales represent just half of the shortlist for this year’s inaugural Book Tech Award, revealed Thursday at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

India’s Book Market Passes UK’s (Bookseller)
India’s domestic books market is the sixth largest in the world and the second largest Anglophone territory—edging out the UK—according to figures from Nielsen Book. Nielsen’s India Book Market Report 2015, published this week, is one of the first comprehensive assessments of the Indian book industry. It was conducted with the Association of Publishers in India and the Federation of Indian Publishers. Although the country has 22 official languages, English-language books make up 55 percent of trade book sales and the bulk of its academic market.

The Internet’s Dark Ages (Atlantic)
The web, as it appears at any one moment, is a phantasmagoria. It’s not a place in any reliable sense of the word. It is not a repository. It is not a library. It is a constantly changing patchwork of perpetual nowness. You can’t count on the web, okay? It’s unstable. You have to know this. Digital information itself has all kinds of advantages. It can be read by machines, sorted and analyzed in massive quantities, and disseminated instantaneously. “Except when it goes, it really goes,” said Jason Scott, an archivist and historian for the Internet Archive. “It’s gone gone. A piece of paper can burn and you can still kind of get something from it. With a hard drive or a URL, when it’s gone, there is just zero recourse.”

‘Legendary’ Stock Picker Says Amazon to Soar (CNBC)
Legendary stock picker Bill Miller said Wednesday that e-commerce giant Amazon is greatly misunderstood The knock on Amazon from critics is that the company generates lots of revenue but little profit. But that’s exactly why Miller likes the stock. “As long as people say Amazon doesn’t make any money I will know that it is misunderstood and probably mispriced,” said the chairman and chief investment officer of Baltimore-based LMM Investments.

SpotlightAmazonCrossing Commits to Indonesian Literature (DBW)
AmazonCrossing, the literary translation imprint of Amazon Publishing, announced a commitment to publish exceptional works of literature from Indonesian authors translated into English beginning in early 2016. The announcement coincides with Indonesia’s participation as Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week.

Introducing BookBub Author Profiles (BookBub)
BookBub announced a new feature on its platform: Author Profiles. Author Profiles are simple—just a bio, a picture, and a list of books written by the author and available in the U.S. Any author, self- or traditionally published, can now create a profile for free (even if they have never run a BookBub Featured Deal).

Perseus, R.R. Donnelley Team Up to Create Global Metadata Platform (PW)
The Perseus Book Group and R. R. Donnelley have reached an agreement designed to improve the management and distribution of the metadata of Perseus titles and those of its 600 publisher distribution clients. The new joint metadata platform will launch initially at Faber Factory Powered by Constellation, a separate joint venture between Perseus and the U.K. house Faber & Faber, which provides digital services to UK publishers. Under the new agreement, management of a title’s metadata will be handled by Perseus’s BookMap platform, while the optimization and distribution of metadata to book retailers and other third party vendors will be done by Donnelley’s Libre Digital unit and its Harvest platform.

IPR License Partners with 3 Major Chinese Publishers (DBW)
In a press release, it was announced that Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Yilin Press and Foreign Languages Press have partnered with IPR License to utilize its fully transactional rights and licensing marketplace, TradeRights. This partnership will enable the publishers to engage and interact with a wider international audience for their extensive and varied collection of available book rights.


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