Digital Book World Retires Ebook Best-Seller List, Launches New Column

Digital Book World Databox DBWDatabox ebook sales data best-seller listAfter nearly three years of tracking the top 25 best-selling ebooks each week, Digital Book World is retiring our popular Ebook Best-Seller List. Past editions can still be found here, spanning August 2012 through April 2015.

But because making sense of the limited sales data that freely exists about the ebook market remains a top priority for authors and publishers, we’re rolling out a new column in its place.

Digital Book World introduces “Databox,” a new biweekly column powered by Iobyte Solutions, whose retail sales dashboard supplied the data behind the Ebook Best-Seller List since its inception.

Twice each month we’ll turn the spotlight on a data point or sales trend that sheds light on or raises questions about an aspect of the digital marketplace and the readers within it. Dan Lubart, Iobyte Founder and SVP of Strategy and Publishing Operations at Hachette Book Group, will offer commentary and analysis on each new area we investigate.

The Databox column is designed to evolve into a leading forum for data-backed conversations about the ebook retail landscape. In addition to offering authoritative snapshots of a market in flux, Databox aims to help those in the industry who aren’t professional analysts become better versed in drawing conclusions from ebook sales data.

With that in mind, here’s our inaugural post.


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