DBW Spotlight Launches Today

Digital Book World is proud to announce the launch of DBW Spotlight—a new way for you to dive deeper into the issues that are important to your business.

Starting today, our editors will begin devoting each month to putting the spotlight on a topic essential to successful digital publishing. Over the course of the month, we’ll highlight relevant news articles, commission expert opinions and provide you with additional resources, like white papers and webinars, on the Spotlight theme.

The theme for September is digital marketing, and we have a wide array of expert blog posts in the pipeline. Stay tuned for upcoming pieces from Pete McCarthy, Mike Shatzkin and many other publishing insiders.

Much more.

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How Amazon Underground Might Affect Publishing (Joe Wikert)
Amazon Underground is a new collection of paid Android apps that are available for free if you download them directly from Amazon. The more engagement an app gets, the more money from Amazon the developer receives. Joe Wikert discusses why this new development might be of interest to publishers. “I’ve been talking about advertising in books for quite awhile now and I think Underground represents a viable, incremental business model for this vision,” Wikert writes. “It’s all about extending reach. Sure, nobody wants to trade a $5 sale for one netting ten cents. But what about all those readers who aren’t going to buy the book, newspaper or magazine to begin with?”

Ebook Bestseller List Launches in Germany (Publishing Perspectives)
The German booksellers alliance Tolino—formed by Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Club Bertelsmann, Libri and the Deutsche Telekom— announced the publication of its first ebook bestseller list. The data is retrieved from the inventory control system employed by all bookstores belonging to Tolino, as well as their respective online stores. E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey topped the list.

New Ways Writers Are Using Technology (BookRiot)
“There’s a lot of resistance to technology in the literary landscape, whether it’s publishers afraid of going out of business or writers in denial of changing forms of cultural consumption,” according to one writer who goes on to discuss some innovative ways authors are implementing technology to change the reader’s experience.

Self-Published Sleep Book Becomes a Bestseller (PW)
Swedish psychologist Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin’s self-published book has made headlines in recent weeks, with its claims that it can make anyone fall asleep, especially young children. “The question that remains, though,” according to this Publishers Weekly article, “is how Forssen Ehrlin’s 28-page book, The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, became, literally, an overnight success.”

A Kindle Ebook Cover Analysis (Digital Reader)
One writer conducted an experiment to analyze book covers. “What if I used that process of averaging images on ebook covers in categories within the Kindle store?” Jason van Gumster writes, referring to a previous analysis of Netflix suggestions. “What would it tell me about color choice and composition for various genres? I had to find out.”


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