4 thoughts on “Building Away from the Book

  1. Johnny

    Hi David,

    Interesting article. An idea similar to modularity is annotation, which means readers highlight the paragraphs/sentences they like and put comments/meta data around. This way good contents can be discovered out of books, and contents across books can also be re-structured to make helpful references on a certain topic.

  2. Kevin Broccoli

    Building books from existing modules of information is similar, in some ways, to multi-authored books where each chapter is authored by a different subject matter expert. However what I think you are saying here is that other, smaller chunks of information can be gathered, sorted and combined with complementary chunks of info from other sources. These could simply be paragraphs of information, instead of entire chapters. Even sentences in some cases.

    It’s certainly something that can be done with ebooks, but I see it as more likely as the line between ebooks and the rest of the Internet blur. In other words when ebooks are not separate containers, but more like what some are calling web-books, available to read through browsers, so that links can connect to other places on the web and not just within the books themselves. In essence, some ebooks could then be APIs that pull modules of info from other online ebooks.


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