BookBub Expands Discount Ebook Service to India

BookBub India ebook readers email price promotionsThe email book marketing start-up BookBub launched in India yesterday, the company’s third international expansion after rolling out its service in Canada in January this year and the UK in September 2014.

In order to help connect English-language titles with more Indian readers, BookBub also introduces support for Flipkart, the e-tailer considered to be India’s biggest online bookseller.

Readers who subscribe to BookBub’s daily email service receive custom alerts about limited discounts on recommended titles. The company says its user base now stands at over 5 million.

“Although we just recently started expanding internationally a few months ago,” BookBub CEO Josh Schanker says, “about 15% of all our members are outside the United States.”

Even before launching in India, BookBub saw “thousands” of users sign up for its program—according to Schanker, “more than double the amount than in any other country for which we don’t already have a localized service.”

BookBub aims to grow its international user base to 1 million by the end of 2015, with localized programs specially catering to different global markets.

“India is a very promising market for all of our English-language publishers and authors,” Schanker adds. “Not only does the country have the second largest English-speaking population in the world, but it has a rapidly growing educated population that’s reading an increasing number of books.”

BookBub’s blog has more details.

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