Book Club App Novellic Offers Early Access

Novellic[Press Release]

New book-tech app, Novellic, offers book lovers and book clubs early access

London, October 7th, 2015

A new London based book-tech venture, Novellic, has invited book fans and ebook lovers to register for early access prior to public launch

Novellic, a new book platform developed to help readers create, find and join book clubs, has opened up a limited number of beta test accounts for keen book readers and book club owners.

The new multiplatform app and web service aims to help readers form new micro-communities around book genres and tailors book suggestions around specific reader interests. Book club management tools such as next-read polling, book discussion threads and offline meetup organisers are also built into the app to facilitate the community aspects of book clubs on a day to day basis.

“In building Novellic we are placing the reader first and foremost” said Candide Kirk, the company’s co-founder and product designer. “As a genre reader myself I see book clubs as a great way to discover new reads and to make friends through communities of like-minded readers.

While readers can find good books through reading reviews on sites like Amazon, it is often still a laborious process. The curation engine in Novellic coupled with the human element of book clubs tailors book suggestions specifically to your interests, so that good books actually find you and not the other way around.”

Novellic will also feature a highly curated and personalised book storefront giving readers an alternative way to buy both physical as well as digital books. With a strong focus on micro-genres and niche reader communities Novellic will initially cater to 25 key fiction genres that have strong reader following. Whereas existing bookstores tend to combine genres such as Science Fiction and Fantasy, Novellic will curate books into more specific micro-genres such as Space Opera or Dystopian fiction to better cater for the tastes of readers.

“The existing model for ecommerce for books and ebooks has been unchanged for years and we feel is ripe for disruption” said Kirk, “we’re offering readers a more cohesive experience from book discovery through book clubs to purchase, sharing and what we call the Book Hangover phase, engagement after the book has been read.”

The multiplatform app and web service, previously named ‘Join Book Club’, was a finalist at the 2015 London Book Fair Digital Innovation
Awards. The team behind the app decided to rebrand Join Book Club to Novellic earlier this month.

A limited number of spaces on the Novellic closed beta list are available and readers are encouraged to register their interest at

About Novellic

Launching in 2015 across the UK, Novellic is a new platform helping book lovers connect with other like-minded readers through book clubs, and helping them to discover good books to read through a highly curated and personalized store front for both digital as well as physical books.

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