Android, Apple and Ebooks

Android Apple ebooks mobileApple’s success with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been extraordinary by any measure. And after bundling the iBooks app with iOS 8 late last year, Apple reported bringing in 1 million new customers a week through the holiday season.

But the extent to which those gains indicate an increasingly Apple-dominated ebook universe is open to debate.

So we hosted one. All Brain founder Marcello Vena and mobile analyst Thad McIlroy sit down with Digital Book World to weigh in on the Android-Apple footrace, explain how mobile e-reading differs from mobile buying and assess the odds ebook publishers and distributors face in selling direct on either platform.

Much more, replete with charts and figures.

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Revenue from Mobile Content to Hit $10 Billion (Mediapost)
One recent report projects revenue from mobile content to rise 10% from last year, reaching $10 billion overall, with ebooks sales estimated to hit $4 billion in the U.S.

Textbook Distributor Chegg Turns Focus on Digital (GeekWire)
Passing off its print inventory and fulfillment operation to Ingram Content Group, the textbook distributor and rental service—where it competes with Amazon—doubles down on e-textbooks and digital higher-education services for students, like tutoring and career guidance.

Libraries Starved for New Kindle Ebooks? (Good E Reader)
Some U.S. libraries are reportedly having difficulty finding and purchasing Big Five publishers’ front-list ebooks titles in the Kindle format through OverDrive, which says it’s “aware of delays in availability for some new titles” and is getting to the bottom of it.

Among Campus Bookstores, Calls to Self-Disrupt (PW)
Amazon’s pilot retail effort at Purdue University appears to be shaking things up in the academic retail space. Some institutions report being pleased with their partnerships with Amazon, while others are calling for more innovative thinking among campus retailers themselves.

Pay-What-You-Will Model for Self-Published Ebooks (Pub Perspectives)
A Polish start-up called is testing a retail model in which readers can sample self-published, DRM-free ebooks before deciding what, or whether, to pay for them.

Hindi Publishers Face Global Competition (Business Standard)
Hindi-language publishers in India are rethinking their content offerings as English-language competitors pour into the country’s growing, and increasingly global, book market.
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Birdman Accolades Renew Interest in Carver (PW)
In yet another instance of the movies influencing the ebook market, Vintage plans new digital editions of works by Raymond Carver, whose writing is at the center of the film that won Best Picture at Sunday’s Oscars.
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Education Device Market Gets More Crowded (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
The French device maker Archos launches a line of Android- and Windows-running tablets and laptops for middle and high school students, which also come with optional preloaded software.


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