123Library Offers Publishers B2B Ebook Distribution Tools

123Library123Library, a specialist ebook platform based in the UK, has developed a new service that provides publishers with a customized cloud-based platform to deliver titles directly to institutions, corporations and libraries.

The company aims to fill the existing gap in the market for affordable ebook platforms and level the playing field for smaller and medium-sized publishers.

Publishers hosting on 123Library will have access to the site’s streaming technology, search functionality and management facilities that will allow librarians to deliver ebooks to customers under their own brand. The platform’s functions also allow publishers to make collections visibly exclusive to their customers.

On the benefits of subscribing to the service, 123Library CEO Sabine Guerry noted that the service will allow smaller and medium-sized publishers to regain control over their sales.

In discussing the need for cost-effective platforms, she added: “Many publishers can’t deliver their ebooks to libraries because of the high cost and the time necessary to develop a complex ebook platform for institutions and large publishers. Small lists can be easily overlooked on an aggregator’s website containing half a million titles, which means their publishers don’t receive the enquiries they deserve. In order to give this segment of the publishing industry a state-of-the-art platform from which to distribute their titles, we decided to make our advanced technology available to publishers at a very affordable price.”

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