1000 Cookbooks’ New App Lets Users Find World’s Best Cookbooks

1000 Cookbooks1000 Cookbooks, a tech start-up, revealed a new website and app with a curated list of cookbooks at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The list is a ranking of the favorite cookbooks amongst numerous chefs, cookery authors, editors, critics, food producers and bloggers. The website will allow users to explore the top 10 list of each contributing food expert, as well as preview the full top 1,000 list, which will be available in the app.

The app will allow users to browse titles and explore the connections between the books and the food experts who have recommended them.

Self-described as “Spotify for food,” 1000 Cookbooks aims to integrate food-relevant data from multiple social media platforms. In time, the company hopes to offer subscribers access to recipes from the list of books, as well as to offer food content and a ranking of the top cookbooks as judged by a panel of chefs and food experts.

As the list of ranked books grows, the company will work with publishers, authors, agents and copyright holders to license content from each book listed to create, as the company describes, “the world’s first smart foodie platform.”

Founders Mathew Cockerill and Jon Croft have brought together an advisory board that includes chef Jason Atherton, BAFTA award-winning TV producer James Winter, Grub Street’s Anne Dolamore, and Edourd Cointreau, president of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Of the platform, Mathew Cockerill said, “Up until now there has been no single platform bringing together the very best in food. We plan to work with publishers to take content from the top 1,000 books and additional content including video to make a service that is a must-have for food-lovers around the globe.”

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